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Day 6 – 8

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WELL DONE You made it through your first Intermittent Fasts. The key is to stay busy and focused and you will feel totally amazing.

For the next 4 days you will continue to eat clean. High protein good carbs and 3 meals per day with a few slight tweaks..

Day 6
The results you are all getting here is amazing. I’m changing things up a little bit this week with workouts and food please follow it to the T to get the best results by Day 14.

3 meals today usual proteins and veggies but add small amount of starchy carbs after both workouts.

For your starchy carbs choose from:

Nuts – Amonds/Hazelnuts/Macadameia

Fruit – Rasberry/Cherry/Blackberry/ are the best
Brown Rice
Root Vegetables

Keep it a small potions – handful size.

3 – 4 Litres of water all day – The liver needs so much water now to flush through and aid with fat loss and detoxification.

Choose a workout today and perform x2

If you can do the workout x3 you would be giving yourself a massive boost right now.

Lots of food cycling coming up so get ready – Load up today with tons of veggies.

Day 7

I know you all enjoyed the fruit yesterday but its going away today and we are back with a high protein day and very low carbs, so no starchy carbs at all, no rice, no pulses, no kidney beans just a basic protein rich and veg day today and we need to up the intensity of the workouts.

You are doing amazingly well, stay strong and lets really do this.

Meal 1 – Breakfast Post Workout – choose a workout and perform x 2


Meal 2 and 3 Protein and Veg again.

Choose a past workout to mix things up a little.

Ensure you get a good sleep and in bed by 1030pm your body needs the rest

3/4 litres of water
Licorice Tea up to about 4pm then switch to Tulsi.


Day 8 Intermittent Fast

You’ve had 2 lovely days of food and now we are back cycling in an intermittent fast.

No food until 17 hours since you ate your evening meal yesterday.

Choose a workout to do x2

Also after workout one get some starchy carbs in as well with protein rich food.

Meal 1/ Breakfast at 1pm
Example Fish/Chicken with Sweet Potatoes/Brown Rice/Root Veg

Meal 2 High protein low carb

Make sure today you include a bag of spinach or a brocholli or water cress to be consumed at some point during the day.

Stay Strong You can do this.

Fill you plate with as lots of green veg and salad.

3/4 litres of Water

Fruit Teas all day


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