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Month: October 2014

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Don’t Waste Your Time On Some People

     Yesterday Kelly & I drove 10 hours to Edinburgh & back to teach The KS EXTREME Live Workshop . It’s a LONG old way…….. but we took the opportunity to thrash out new ideas, plans & projects.  We mused over where we both want to be headed in business & our personal lives

Curve Balls

  Have you noticed when you decide to REALLY make a change in your life….. It could be a following a new healthy eating regime, or daily meditating, or setting a new business plan in motion, even taking up a new workout or hobby or something SO much bigger Life likes to chuck a few

Do You Want To Lose Belly Fat?

How Do You Get The Belly Fat Down? The best way to shaping up the midsection is through your nutrition first, then training effectively second. Are you? 1:Eating as clean as you can? 2: Training as hard as you can? This can mean only 10minutes a day as long as it is INTENSE. An old

Kick Start Red Lentil Curry

Heres another Clean Kick Start Dish for the weekend.     Thanks to Andrea Riddoch of Kick Start LeedsTweet me if you make it @RachelHolmes