Are Your Hormones Creating Havoc With Your Fat Loss?

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Are Your Hormones
Halting Your Fatloss?
In KSFL we talk a lot about
hormones, but what do they actually
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What are hormones?

Hormones act as a chemical
messaging system in our bodies.

There are different types of
hormones that are released and
are dictated by our food, drink,
activity levels and generally what we do.

They do this by travelling into
our bloodstreams, tissues and organs.

Hormones work like traffic lights. It tells our cells and organs when it is time to slow down, speed up and stop.

Our hormones are responsible for regulating:
Body development
Sexual function
Metabolism (How we get energy from food)

It is common to experience changes
in all of the above when changing
your diet and exercise rate.

Controlling your hormonal
release will change the shape of your
body and body fat percentage.

What do hormones do?

Hormones work by balancing each
other through our blood sugar levels.
For example, if you become stressed your
body releases a hormone called cortisol.
To reduce that hormone your body will desire another hormone called insulin. Insulin is also released when we eat sugary foods,  so when you become stressed it is common for your hormones to send a message to your brain and stomach telling you that you want some sugar.

Increased stress = increased cortisol = craving insulin (sugary foods) = increase body fat

How will this change my body fat?  

As mentioned food and drinks will
stimulate and regulate the release of
For example if you eat foods that produce more insulin on a regular bases a few things will happen to your hormones:

– You will crave that type of food more often and become addicted
– Your taste receptors will become dormant to variations from other food (you won’t like other food)
– Longterm your pancreas and liver become dysfunction – This is called Diabetes  
– Your energy levels will fluctuate and leave you tired and lethargic more often (therefore you will crave more insulin to try and get out of your energy dip)
You will store more body fat
Circulation of blood will become more difficult leading to heart related problems
You mood will change regularly

Understanding hormones is very important as food, drink, exercise and lifestyle all contribute to your hormonal response.

Ill be discussing tomorrow what are the main hormones are in relation to fatloss are.
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