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 Are you a food waster?

In the UK in 2015 alone, £13 billion of edible food was thrown away from our homes. In total 7.3 million tonnes of food was thrown away, which if prevented, would have the environmental benefit of taking one in four cars off the road.

It can often be hard to use everything up throughout the week but we have some top tips to help you make positive decisions in the right direction and try some new things:

Meat scraps
I know organs and blood can seem so awful to use but these can be some of the most nutritional parts of the animal, why not try making black pudding or liver pate? Kidneys, Liver, Tongue can be rich in essential vitamins and nutrients and they are cheaper to buy. 

Spark your creativity with bones

Have you tried bone broth? This is so easy to make and so tasty!
PLAN your meals
The better your meals are planned the less likely you are to waste food.
Store food correctly
Make sure you are storing your foods the best you can – eg. store celery stems in water like flowers!
Vegetable scraps
Have you been growing veg and now have a glut ?!
Try making sauces/ pickles/ dressings and more then storing them in airtight containers in the fridge or freezer. Tomatoes are great for this!

Leaves and stalks of plants are great in soup for a fantastic taste and such as broccoli stalks are great as a snack dipped in humous.

Freeze veg such as peppers, onions and more as these can then be used throughout the winter months.

Save vegetable peel to make vegetable stock.


Stale bread

Use this to make croutons or breaded chicken!

Leftover coconut milk

Pour it into ice cube trays and store in the freezer to use in curries and to make dishes creamier.


Old bananas can be used to make banana ice cream, smoothies or banana bread!

Leftover herbs

Finely chop any left over herbs and put them in ice cube trays. Fill the trays with olive oil and freeze. Like the coconut milk cubes, these frozen oily-herb cubes can be used in many dishes like stews, risottos, soups and pasta dishes.



When looking at when your food goes off, make sure you know the difference between sell by, best before and use buy.


Find more leftover food recipes HERE at the Love Food Hate Waste website:

This is a charity that encourages people to love and enjoy their food, and also to try to waste less of it at home. It’s a positive initiative which helps with useful tips, recipes and advice about ways to better plan, prepare, portion and store food.

Share with us the changes that you plan on making this week @KSFLUK


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