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Deciding to embark on an exercise and diet plan is what the majority of people do come 1st January but this year Kelly Reed-Banks of Kick Start Cambridge and Burwell fitness

saw an increased uptake in her Kick Start courses running up to December.

“We have had some amazing inch loss results and wonderful health improvements on my final Kick Start courses of 2017 and I’m so excited to be helping even more people smash their goals in 2018”

Says Kelly who is an international fitness presenter.

“My ladies have done so well and I am so proud of their achievements”

Kelly will be running Live and Online Kick Start Courses in 2018 so if you live near Burwell or would like to work with kelly directly online

message her via Facebook or email kelly@Choreographytogo.com










Rachel Williams (Burwell)

I recently completed my first KSFL programme (6-week course with Kelly Reed-Banks) and have been delighted with the results. I wanted to try something that combined diet and exercise and hoped to lose at least one dress size before Christmas. Not only did KSFL deliver the result I hoped for but also with unexpected outcomes. For example, I had not realised how toxic my diet was before KSFL, I now feel I have more energy, the brain feels more focused, I don’t feel bloated after eating (less windy) and I just feel great. I now feel ready to make life-style changes (keeping off caffeine, dairy and gluten especially) and hope to continue with my weight loss journey. Kelly is an awesome fitness instructor and delivered the KSFL with passion and professionalism, the group also contributed to keeping me motivated and I really enjoyed sharing our journey. I’ve already signed up for the 7 day pre-tox KSFL programme to keep me motivated until Christmas, but I’m sure I will be signing up for more in 2018.










Leonie From Burwell

I’ve just completed a 6 week Kick Start  plan with Kelly, having previously done a 12 week plan at the start of the year. I’m extremely pleased with the consistent inch & weight loss I’ve achieved both times & feel I have discovered a lifestyle & nutrition plan that I can take forward from here to maintain a size & weight I’m happy with. 

Simply put, ksfl works. If you’re prepared to put the effort in, commit to following the plan & advice, you will see results. I feel healthy, strong, fit and empowered. I sleep well, eat well & feel great. Kelly is an inspirational leader offering unstinting support, advice & motivation. I love every class I do with Kelly & simply could not have achieved the results I have without her constant positive input. 

I highly recommend the Kick Start  lifestyle to anyone that wants to make a positive change in their life. l feel 100% better for embarking on this journey in every way, not just physically but emotionally & mentally too. You have the power to make positive changes for the better, so go for it!

All this is true Kelly!!! You are amazing at what you do, and I really hope you know it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Leonie xxxx











Cara From Burwell

I have just finished the KSFL 6 week program with Kelly. I had seen Kelly posting things on social media before of other people’s results and was intrigued. A little sceptical as well. Lots of these food plan programs and diets I do think can be terribly bad for you. However, after speaking to Kelly and realising I won’t have to just eat dust and shakes I decided to sign up. 

Prior to starting I thought had a relatively healthy diet but on reflection fat to high in carbs and fat too many snacks. Other than the first 2 days where I felt most odd (going from 6-7 cups off coffee to none) I have felt great. I have not been able to do it 100% because of holiday and work but I have found it relatively easy to embed it into life. I am not feeling so hungry and wanting so many snacks. I was very addicted to sugar. I have also found the meals easy as they are not that different to what I would normally have and they are incredibly filling.

I have also enjoyed the mix between exercise and diet. Feeling my energy levels increase.

So far I have enjoyed the journey with help of Kelly. Thanks a lot!










From Lynn Thomas 

Hi here is my testimonial. I have around 12 stone to lose and have been unhappy with everything about me for a long time. With such a huge mountain to climb, it is so hard to see where to start. But then kelly came into my life by a random meeting on holiday dancing on a st Lucian beach (beach dancing is harder than she made it look) and she has introduced me to something that actually works. The tape measure does not lie! I have not been hungry and I have been supported by an amazing group of ladies. The food is lovely and easy to prepare even for an amateur. Then there is the wonder of Kellie! I’ve never met such a supportive and kind bundle of energetic wisdom. I now know that I can do this. This programme has shown me I have a fitter, healthier future! Thank you!! Xxx

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