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Happy New Year!
I hope you had a great one.
And… If you woke up today and thought RIGHT
I need to tackle my health,
wellness, weight and fitness in 2018
You have been
struggling with menopause problems
then I have created a new Kick Start Menopause Manifesto.
A couple of days ago I posted on the Kick Start facebook page
asking if menopausal symptons are ruining your quality
of life, and I was blown away by the amount of comments.
Over 650 women commented on that post.
I have created a new manifesto that I am adding to
on a daily basis – latest research, tips, nutritional info,
weightloss strategies, banish brainfog, how to get your mojo back
and where to start….
It’s all included.
If this is you and you are ready to
tackle it then join my Kick Start Women’s Group.

Rachel x
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