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So you’ve indulged in roast dinners, snacks, choccies and feel like January is the best time to start the ‘new you’. You may have already started!

Many people choose fad diets at this time of year as a QUICK FIX but let me tell you that is not the answer— why not make small long term sustainable changes that will get you the results you are looking for AND  transform your health.


It is all about finding a balance where you feel HAPPY and CONFIDENT in yourself- not un achievable goals that just make you upset. We suggest starting with breakfast… then onto lunch… then onto dinner etc.

Don’t forget to work on time for YOU and SELF LOVE. Once you find yourself and your happiness you will find that you no longer compare yourself to others.

Embrace every part of your body and work on small lifestyle changes that you feel PASSIONATE about.

If you don’t feel passionate about it- you won’t stick to it- FACT.

DITCH the scales.

Scales are your worst enemy and not a true representation of your results- instead use measurements or don’t measure at all and work on how you feel. We love using pictures as it is amazing to look back on through your journey.

Remember your journey to self-love and body confidence doesn’t happen over night, you still have to work for it! AIM FOR LONG LASTING RESULTS.

I hope this has inspired you today!


It’s the THURSDAY LIVE TALK 7:30pm this evening in my Kick Start Private Facebook Group and here are the topics I’ll be discussing:

* Sugar cravings – how to beat them and what are they telling you.
* Have you slipped despite great intentions and made unhealthy choices? Tips to take things slowly.
* How to keep a positive mindset during your weightloss journey especially if you feel deflated at times.
* Intermittent fasting – should you do it – does it work – how often should you do it – lots and lots of questions on this.
* Continuing discussing menopausal symptoms and how to create good daily habits, tips and practical suggestions.
I have written a Kick Start Menopause Manifesto for the group so do join in to have a look.

See you at 7:30pm tonight ?

Here is the group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/845793672151353/

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