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Did you know 1 in 3 adults in England are “on the cusp” of diabetes???

Data compiled between 2003 & 2011 shows
the figures had trebled by 2011.

The NHS Is spending one-tenth of its
budget on the condition.

Is this YOU?

Diabetes can lead to :


Risk of heart attack & stroke

Nerve damage

Kidney damage

Foot ulcers

and a whole range of related conditions.

The good news is Diabetes can be turned around
through nutrition, exercise & lifestyle.

Try these Simple Lifestyle Tips

1: Ditch the cereals for breakfast and start with a protein
rich meal. Cereals are sugar laden and set the blood
sugars of on a roller coaster for the day.
Disaster for a diabetic.

2: Eat green veggies at every meal.

3: If it says LOWFAT on the package its screaming low nutrients
& hidden sugar that will keep you on a blood sugar roller coaster all day.

4: Cook with coconut oil & dress your food with high quality virgin olive oil.

5: Exercising for only 10minutes per day will dramatically improve fitness & fatloss for the diabetic.

Have you got Diabetes ?

Do you need to lose weight and body fat?

Would you like to learn about how nutrition
can help manage your diabetes?

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