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After another successful week for our ELEVATE online group with Rachel Holmes we have some great updates!

The team have been working out online daily as well as transforming their diets with Rachel’s daily coaching:


“Stats. Loss of 0.9kgs this week. Total of 4.5 kgs (nearly 10lbs) since I started this journey in July. So pleased. Thank you Rachel Holmes”

“Looking forward to this week! I’ve upped my weights to help me achieve my goals I’m focused and ready to own it!
I’ve lost another 2lbs and lost 6cm. Since starting on Elevate I’ve nearly lost a stone in weight and 25cm so so chuffed with myself. Thank you Team Elevate! 💕🌸💕”

“Feeling much better for some time yesterday spent refocusing and planning. 2 x super sculpt + extra lift lean this morning! All about the weight loss this weekfor me 💪🏻”


“Really pleased with my results over the last 5 weeks! I’ve lost another inch in total off waist/hips but increased both arms by 1/2 in each! Very pleased with that 😊 7.5 inches lost in total!”

“I’m 10lbs down since the start and 8.5inches.
Really happy with this as I had prosecco, chocolate and (the best ever savoury) scone yesterday and so I know I’m carrying a bit of bloat today!!!
My body always responds well to weight loss when I lift weights!”



“Starting as I mean to go on, 3 rounds of SuperSculpt. I could hardly move on the 3rd round.”


“Feeling really pleased today. One of my goals this week was to drop another 2lbs actually did 2.5. Don’t know about inches yet, update on Tuesday. Really enjoyed workouts this morning day 7 twice through & the total body once. Coconut flour pancakes for brunch, well it is Sunday!! Good luck with week 4 ladies 💪”


“Back in the size 8 jeans ✅”


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