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Champneys Springs Spa KSFL Transformation Day

Once again I will be partnering with SPRINGS CHAMPNEYS in Ashby for the 4th Kick Start Transformation Day. ••With all new sessions and guest presenters. ••   This will be a very exclusive day with myself and amazing presenters – Jayne Nicholls Nicola Buckley & Andrea Riddoch We will be taking you through amazing life

Did you miss the launch of our 90 day bespoke programme?

Did you miss the launch of the NEW 90 day Womens Health and Weightloss Programme? The initial 20 women are flying and doing really well. so if you would now like to join us you are more than welcome. I’ll only be taking another 20 Women Only On This Bespoke and Tailored Service. I’ve been

Sunny BBQ Weather

It’s SUNNY. SCROLL DOWN FOR our BBQ BOOK On OFFER TODAY only £9 plus p + p     Its HOT.     Its BBQ time   YES!     Here is a quick guide to cooking super duper healthy meat BBQ stylee…     When BBQ’ing on an open flame or grill, meat tastes

Swap the scales for a tape measure

Many of my clients and friends are absolutely terrified by the number on the scales. It is just a silly number that isn’t realistic! A suggestion from me… give up the scales for at least three months and focus on how you feel instead. If you want to track your progress then get out the

Swap dieting for mindful eating

Dieting is based around RESTRICTION – a quick fix that is often not long term.   Mindful eating is seeing food as nourishing ensuring your body is full of real, natural and nutrient rich food. This is far more long term.   We shouldn’t feed a negative relationship with food but a POSITIVE one instead.   GET RID OF

Inspiring Stories From KSFL Lincoln

I don’t know if you have all seen or heard about The Kick Start fat loss programmes I run? My names Sarah hogan and I run The Fitness movement in Lincoln. My ladies have been getting the most incredible results not only through the change in their bodies but their health and happiness too. I’d

Kick Start With Tabby 5 week Updates

Kick Start with Tabby has been running 5 week courses which have had fantastic success, read some of her most recent results below: “So we have just finished a 5 week transformation course which ran through May and had some great results. One lady lost over a stone in 4 weeks and is continuing to

Week 1 with KSFL Beeston Blog

Meet Sally of KSFL Beeston who has recently launched her new KSFL class. Read her blog below of week 1!   WEEK 1: Kick Start Fat Loss BEESTON, Thursday 7.00-8.30pm, Round Hill School We started our KSFL Beeston 4 Week Transformation last night on a lovely summers evening. My team of KSFLers and I have focused

KSFL 5 Simple Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is simple as long as you receive the right information! These 5 simple tips will help you make nutritious healthy options today: Fill up on vegetables. Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food contain so many vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Aim to vary your greens. Take it easy on the fruit,

Weleda Natural Skin Care Review

Here at KSFL we love Weleda natural skin care and promote natural products as part of a healthy lifestyle; plus they are very local to our HQ in Derbyshire! For our recent event Weleda sent us some beautiful products we just HAD to tell you about:   SKIN FOOD (our favourite) Weleda Skin Food is all-