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Lift Lean Warlingham Testimonials and Results

Kick Start Warlingham Total Body Fitness With Lindsay just finished their LIFT LEAN course with fantastic results! The feedback has been wonderful- read more from the members here:   LYNN YOUNAN So the end of a fantastic lift/lean. I’m feeling much stronger leaner and fitter and the icing on the cake is that I have

Kick Start Coach of the Day Nicola Carless

Nicola is the owner of The Studio and Kick Start Bromsgrove. Nicki and her team at The Studio specialise in fitness classes. The Studio offers a variety of classes including Pilates, Zumba, Bootcamps, Boxercise, Step, Body Conditioning Classes, Kettlercise, Legs Bums and Tums, Circuits and much more!! The Studio is a fun friendly fitness studio

In Season October Recipes

We always suggest using what is in season to create your KSFL recipes to ensure you are eating the freshest and healthiest produce, here are some of this month’s in season veg and recipes to go with them: LEEKS Leeks are a versatile veg – great in soups or with white fish such as sea

KSFL Healthy Pantry Staples

It is always good to have something USEFUL hanging around in the cupboard for when you need to whip something up, here are the top items you’ll want to keep on hand to keep your food fresh, lively, and satisfying: 1. Raw Cacao Powder If you are CRAVING choco – raw cacao powder can be part of

How to ease desk job back ache

Do you get aches and pains from your desk job? Now you are back from the Bank Holiday you will no doubt be feeling better already but it is back to work for most of us and time to start changing how we work!   Surprisingly physical activity can be one of the best ways

7 Day Kick Start Sprinter

  7 DAY ONLINE Programme with Rachel Holmes Do you need a KICK START to get your fitness and nutrition back on track? Are you a lapsed KSFL’er or one of my former clients and need guidance and protocol to get your going again? A new 7 day Kick Start Protocol including carb cycling, IF’ing

Do you want to lose weight and gain time??

  Are you still trying to lose weight and seem to have hit a standstill? As an advocate of cooking from scratch, eating organic and choosing all of the so-called “right foods” plus training hard every day, running my business etc……my own weight and size fluctuates all of the time. It can be so frustrating

Healthy Eating Bank Holiday Recipes

Happy Bank Holiday weekend once again!  We have chosen some family friendly Kick Start recipes to make your weekend as easy as possible. These are great fun to make with the kids too 🙂 Please share your #BankHoliday cooking pics with us @KSFLUK Are you ready to DITCH THE SUGAR and kick that addiction? Sign

Fantastic Results KSFL Redditch 12 Week Transformation

Michelle Waldron KSFL Redditch has shared with us some fantastic results from her 12 week programme. The team transformed their health and wellness as well as reaching their target weights in a full on programme jam packed with support and information. Read their fantastic testimonials below: ALISON Thank you Michelle for the last 12 weeks!

The Health Benefits Of Turmeric and How To Make Turmeric Tea

  Turmeric is one of the latest spices that health specialists have been shouting about! So WHY is it so good for health? Read why:   • It is a fantastic Antioxidant! • Said to be a Cancer Preventative. • Strong Anti-Inflammatory. •Protects the liver. •Wound Healing. •Improves Brain Function. •Anti-bacterial. •Promotes Weight loss. •Reduces Depression.