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JOIN Our  Kick Start Super Boost 8 WEEK Transformation Starting Tuesday

Only £97 If you book before 27th April Click Here

What is Kick Start all about?  It is a diet and fitness class with a difference 🙂


If you missed the launch and really want to get your health and weight loss on track then 

I’d love to offer you the course at the launch night price.

If you have been struggling with weight loss and feel like  you need a real structure to get you back on track then 

Kick Start is for you.

Caroline Hague is an amazing coach and former Fitness Competitor, Mum and works full time, she has completely transformed her own body and health and

will be doing the same for you.

You attend a weekly class – Every Tuesday 7 – 8pm which comprises of a 30-minute nutrition talk then 30 minutes of exercise.

ALL abilities are catered for, so don’t worry if you haven’t trained for a while.

We help you everyday wit meal ideas, recipes and how you can fit Kick Start into your busy lifestyle.

We will be covering topics such as this Plus all of the nutrition basics.

Week 1 Kick Start Transformation Nutrition Introduction and How It works

Week 2 Hormones Health & Happiness Talk – How To Get off Sugar

Week 3 Mid Section Weight Gain How To Stop It

Week 4 Mindset, Food Behaviours, and Motivation

Week 5 Supplements Intermittent fasting 

Week 5 What impact does Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Soy Have on Your Health

Week 6 – Is Your Sleep Damaging Your Success

Week 7 Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain – How To Manage Stress and bring Down Cortisol

Week 8  Moving forward how to reintroduce foods back into your diet and how to continue.

You also get 3 Recipe books and manuals.

  • Access to the Private Facebook group
  • Daily Coaching From Caroline and Rachel
  • Weekly class and accountability.
  • Complete support for the 8 weeks.

all this for ONLY £97.00