Lift Lean 7 Day BEAT THE BLOAT Updated 2022

Lift Lean 7 Day BEAT THE BLOAT Updated 2022


The 7 Day Lift Lean BEAT THE BLOAT 2022

This will give you the 7 day Kick Start you need to get fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Rachel coaches you daily with an educational video explaining what to eat, goal setting, positivity and how to personalise the plan to suit your lifestyle:

• 7 Daily Lift Lean workouts – to shape your body, increase muscle tone, work on your midsection and strengthen bones and joints.
• 7 Daily Step by Step videos of weight loss. meal plans, recipes and food ideas to fit into busy lifestyles.

• 7 days of motivation and mindset.


The 7 Day Lift Lean Beat The Bloat is all on an online dashboard


Product Description


7 Daily 30 minute LIVE LIFT LEAN WORKOUT

7 DAY Nutrition Plan, Healthy Habits, and Motivation

Easy To Follow express 7 day online programme with Rachel Holmes including daily protocol videos.

DAY 1 Talk: Food Choices, Meal Timings, Reduce Inflammation


DAY 2  Lift Lean Legs & Abs

Talk: Healthy Habits, Mindset and Detox.


DAY 3 Lift Lean Upper Body Strength

Talk – Sleep, Stress & Hormonal Balance


DAY 4  Lift Lean Core & HIIT

Talk: The importance of Weight Training & Walking.


DAY 5  Lift Lean Kettlebell Endurance

Talk Hydration


DAY 6  Lift Lean Power & Combat HIIT

Talk: Motivation & Staying On Track


DAY 7  Lift Lean Barefoot Strength

Talk – Reflection and moving forwards.



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