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Grab the Kick Start Home Workout DVDS while on OFFER

  The Kick Start Fat Loss Home Workout DVD’s with Rachel Holmes Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3 On Offer Today   KSFL Home Workout DVD 1 – £10 + VAT + Postage Its a great DVD containing 4 x 30minute workouts that you can easily do at home. Click to play 4 x

Balancing Body Breakfast Juice From Kick Start Fat Loss

Here is another one of our famous Juices. This is The Balancing Body Breakfast Juice and its a wonderful Juice to start your day with. You can whizz this up in a juicer / blender I have a Vitamix which really does the trick Have a go an see what you all think?   Who

Kick Start Workout Of The Day & Detox Salmon Salad

Are you up for our Kick Start Workout Of The Day ? If so check the page daily for your workout and perform it as quickly as you can with good form and post your time on the FAcebook.com/KickStartFAtLoss If you are an instructor and teaching HIIT today why not do this as a warm

Is Your Saucepan Effecting Your Thyroids?

Are you ready for some new Pans? If you are clean eating & taking care with your  nutrition, I wonder if you stop to think much about the pots, pans & cookware you use? Non-stick cookware & bakeware has become enormously popular because its so convenient . Foods slide right off, reducing the amount of

Roxy Improves Type 1 Diabetes With KSFL

KSFL Improves Type 1 Diabetes for Roxy Banbury resident and type 1 diabetes sufferer Roxy Hoare was horrified to hear that her Hba1c (an average blood sugar result) had risen from 8.2 to 9.3, during her October (2014) biannual check up. As an average, this was the highest Roxy had ever been and admittedly she

Get Stuck Into KSFL & See Your Stomach Shrink

Another cracking testimonial This lady is Kelly Mullhollands client from the KSFL Dundalk class. She lost 14lbs in 5 weeks Once you embark on the Kick Start Fat Loss Detox see your mid section shrink in weeks. EVERY client we have notices a massive drop in body fat around the mid section. Cutting out the

23 Year Old Decides Its Time To Take Control with Kick Start Fat Loss

Jade at only 23, knew that her health was deteriorating considerably and she was becoming ever more so unhappy with her body image. “I would try to eat relatively healthy but my down fall was to snack and binge on sugary foods, cakes & biscuits” Jade started attending Jane Cole’s classes at the The Fitness

Double Nut Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

OMG How amazing does this look? Perfect For An Easter Cake     Double nut dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting…. mouth watering…isn’t it???At the end of the day CAKE is CAKE… and you should not eat the whole thing!!…but simply by substituting flour and sugar with almond flour and honey you can make


Here are 2 super refreshing & energising Juices perfect for breakfast or any time! Many Thanks to Super Juice Queen Mairi Taylor Kick Start Fat Loss Business Owner for Barrow