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Slow cooker recipes from Kick Start

  We love slow cooking and one pot dinner for simple and healthy meals- here are some of our favourite from our slow cooker recipe book:     Did you love these recipes? Sign up to our free newsletter for more

One Pot Wonder Recipes For Easy Weekday Meals

ONE POT WONDERS- my favourite sort of meal… less washing up… easy to make… healthier…cheaper… whats not to like! Here are some great one-pot meals to make your life easier during weekday meals- plus they are so tasty you will be hooked:  

One Pot Wonders For Less Washing Up

UGH when the weather is this dreary motivation can seriously lack! We understand all that washing up after dinner can just be too much sometimes – so try these great one pot wonders to save on the pots and make your life even easier!! HAPPY COOKING!

Winter Warmer Slow Cooker Recipes From KSFL

Slow cookers are perfect for healthy and quick meals, simply throw in the ingredients in the morning and come home to a delicious homely meal.  We have some great slow cooker recipes for you today, please try them and let us know what you think! let us know how you get on 🙂   The

Bubbling About Slow Cookers with KSFL

On a cold evening there is nothing better than coming home to a warm bubbling meal in the slow cooker.. the air filled with that delicious homely smell! Slow cookers are designed for moist-heat cooking, the slow cooker produces steam which condenses on the lid, then returns to the pot, making it particularly ideal for stews,

Andrew James Slow Cooker Review

At our Franchisee Day 2015 we catered for 40 people using a tiny kitchen and couldn’t have been without our Sizzle to simmer slow cooker from Andrew James UK! Product Name: sizzle to Simmer 3.5l Slow Cooker Price: £33.99 CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT ON THE WEBSITE The slow cooker was so simple to set