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Kick Start FAB Mini Xmas Puddings

Huge Thanks to Mairi Taylor Kick Start Business Owner in Leicestershire   Please send us a picture if you make these Id Love to see them! Tweet me @KSFLUK @RachelHolmes   Have a great day Love Rachel xxx     For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a

The Latest Kick Start Quick Tips To Get Lean – & Stay Lean Over Christmas!

Here are some super quick tips to getting lean & maintaining all of your hard work through December. It’s so tempting to say…… “Oh its Christmas I’ll eat……xyz”(Anything & Everything) But, YOU have worked so hard all year on your nutrition, fitness & mindset don’t mess it up instead,you can sail through Christmas by just

From Childhood Abuse & Eating Disorders to Author,Kick Start Business Owner & National Speaker – An Amazing Inspiring Journey

Press Release – Chris Tuck From Childhood Abuse & Eating Disorders to Author,Kick Start Business Owner & National Speaker & Meeting The Home Secretary  – An Inspiring Journey.         Chris Tuck (44) is Kick Start Business Owner, Health Coach, Author, Accountant, Ambassador, Campaigner and survivor of child abuse and only last week

3 Egg Hash Breakfast idea

Heres another Kick Start Breakfast Idea Its the 3 Egg Hash – Enjoy Have you signed up for the FREE 14 Day Body Blitz Plan – Workouts, Diet Plan & Motivation click here

Curve Balls

  Have you noticed when you decide to REALLY make a change in your life….. It could be a following a new healthy eating regime, or daily meditating, or setting a new business plan in motion, even taking up a new workout or hobby or something SO much bigger Life likes to chuck a few

Kick Start Red Lentil Curry

Heres another Clean Kick Start Dish for the weekend.     Thanks to Andrea Riddoch of Kick Start LeedsTweet me if you make it @RachelHolmes    

Kick Start Spelt Focaccia Bread

Are You Missing Your Daily Bread   Let’s face it, you often miss bread when embarking on the  Kick Start lifestyle. But we know the gluten & wheat plays havoc with  weight, fatloss, bloating & a whole host of other conditions and problems. BUT WE still miss it! Here is a lovely healthy alternative –

Kick Start Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

If you love your spicy food then here is our Kick Start Spicy Chicken Drumsticks Perfect family dish & super healthy, fatburning & clean. Kick Start Food is never Boring! Thanks to Andrea Riddoch for this recipe Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home


The weekend  can play havoc with your Kick Start eating plans. How many times do you eat & workout brilliantly Monday through Friday then…..   the weekend hits & you kind of crash & burn? Yep. We have all been there.     And of course, 2 days of eating whatever is around can easily

Clean Chicken Curry Kick Start Style

Do you love your Curry? In preparation for the launch of the new Kick Start Clean Curry Cook Book Here are 2 of our favourite Clean Curry Recipes.