Prime – An Online Health & Fitness Programme For Menopause Midlife Women To Be Delivered By Fitness Professionals


Prime is An 8 Week Health, Fitness & Weightloss Programme For Midlife Women.

I created PRIME  to empower FitPros with daily educational talks on menopause-related issues and a clear lifestyle strategy to improve health, confidence, well being and quality of life.

Go through the programme understanding the effects of menopause and declining hormones and take an empowering and proactive approach to healthy ageing.

As a Fitpro are you passionate about helping women live their best life during the menopause phase?

Prime is a practical course showing you exactly how to put your PRIME midlife programme together online.




The Programme Includes:

• Daily Menopause Education videos with easy to understand top tips and takeaways.

• Menopause Resources – Staying On top of your Menopause Education.

• A blueprint of how to deliver your PRIME Programme.

• Educational Videos

*Rachel Holmes Prime launch Formulae – Pricing,  Promotion & Delivery Of Your Prime.


PRIME – 8 Week Weightloss & Wellbeing programme For Midlife Women.

A practical programme for Fitness Professionals To Roll Out Online To Ther Clients.

PRIME Has 8 Phases 

Programme Handouts

Menopause Meal Plan

Prime Shopping List

Here is the timetable and video topics.

Prime Is A Fitness, Nutrition and Weightloss  Programme For Women In The Menopause Phase of Life.

Menopause Resources For Fitness Professionals.

  • Talks and Workshops.
  • Resources.
  • Guidelines
  • Research and Data.
  • Suggested Podcasts To Explore
  • Suggested Books

Phase 1 BODY RESET – Simple easy to follow day by day habit and health stacking.

1:Preparation, Mindset, Identifying Symptoms – Overwhelm & How To Take Back Control.

2:Healthy Habits & Non-Negotiables – Reset Your Midlife Lifestyle.

3: Menopause Nutrition & Weightloss Introduction To The Right Approach For You.

4:Decling Hormones & Sleep Introduction.

5:Stress & Weight gain. The Quality of the food we eat.

6&7 Recap over Healthy Habits, Planning YOUR LIfe,  Lifestyle Tips To Help Your Brain.

Phase 1  contains an informative and educational video addressing an area of menopause and how it may be affecting your health and wellbeing.

I teach a proactive approach that includes small daily tips you can use to reset and get the results you want.

It’s fun and empowering.

Phase 1 Contain  a Daily Prime Workout



Phase  2 The Accelerated Nutrition  Plan for increased results.

* Hormones.

*Tweak and personalise your plan for week 2.

*Understanding which hormones are fat burning hormones and which are fat storing.

*The effects of Oestrogen and Insulin Resistance

Phase 3 Elimination & Rebalance Plan Introducing new foods into the diet.

* Understanding Metabolism.

*How To Up regulate your metabolism.

*How to Kick starting a sluggish metabolism.

Phase 4 7 Day Sprinter – To accelerate Fatloss

*A unique 7 day protocol introducing carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and crescendo fasting for enhanced health, fatloss and reduced inflammation.

*How To Manage Cortisol.

*Stress and Midsection weight gain.

*Endocrine disrupters -the impact of Environmental Toxins.

Phase 5 Super Sprinter

An enhanced version of the Sprinter programme with daily protocols to get you feeling and looking amazing. This is a revolutionary week.


*Should you take supplements?

*What supplements and why? *

Everything you need to know about supplements for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Phase 6 The MY FITNESS PAL CHALLENGE  and tracking – is this for you?

Have you plateaued?

*Are you eating in a deficit?

*How to smash through a plateau.

*Emotional triggers.

*Food Behaviour.

*Long term adherence.

Phase 7  Are you struggling with your gut?

*Gut Health and Brain Health.

*Eating to feel good mentally.

* How To stop overeating and mindless eating.

Phase 8 Elimination and Rebalance Plan Fitting Kick Start eating into your lifestyle.

* Eating out.

*Family eating.

*Social events.


*High On Life.

Phase 9 

*Food and Mood – Eating for happiness, focus and positivity.

*How what you eat affects your mood, thoughts, emotions, positivity and ultimately happiness.

*Brain Health and Clarity.

Phase 10 Continuation And Maintenance Plan.

*Womens Health Talk.

*How to live the Kick Start lifestyle and enjoy life to the full without putting weight back on and understanding how to manipulate your metabolism and hormones going forward.

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