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A personalised long term solution for women wanting more than just another diet plan and exercise regime. 90 Day Women's Health & Weight Loss Programme Get Me Started

Do You Teach and want to offer an ONLINE 12 week Womens Health, Wellness & Weightloss Programme but not sure where to start or how to structure it?

You can access my complete 12 week women’s health programme including all content,  videos, talks, workshops and talks as a blueprint for creating your own.

Follow my 90 day Women’s Health Wellness & Weightloss Blueprint packed with videos, workouts and information you can use and create your own online programme to run alongside your classes or completely online.

This is the perfect solution to serve your client on a much deeper level, create more impact and increase your income without having to teach more face to face.



Go through my  successful programme and  create your own video talks  and drip feed them into a Facebook Group

Let’s face it your clients can download a  diet sheet and you can go to a gym but what does it REALLY take to optimise  health, lose weight and feel incredible.

This is why the 90 Women’s Health & Weight loss Programme is completely unique as it addresses so much more.

Its only £147 and thr return on your investment will be a minimum 10x on your first launch.   Personally, you will learn so much and be able to impact your clints in a huge way.

Are you a rebounder?

Constantly losing body fat and putting it back on even in you eat CLEAN?

It’s because those “BIG ROCKS” are not being addressed.

No matter how popular the plan is if you only look at exercise and diet then you potentially keep rebounding  backwards and forwards and that’s not healthy.


What do you get

Daily Workouts and Weekly Workshops On Video

  • Fitness Pilates
  • The Brainfit Workout
  • HIIT Workout
  • Body Conditioning
  • Abs and Core

We have a great range of options from training for total beginners to advanced workouts.

Teach your own online 90 Day Women’s Health and Weightloss Programme.



You get access to online videos, workshops, and daily workouts.

Watch the workshops then create your own.

Week 1

Understanding The Kick Start Foundations of Nutrition and Health and Mindset.

Getting into the right mindset, understanding the reasons WHY you want to lose weight and improve your health, goal setting, journalling and how to stay focussed through the programme is key to long lasting success.  The session is KEY to get your mindset right before you start, understanding your motivations and how to get the absolute best results from the next 12 weeks.

Week 2

Understanding The Role Hormones Play In Health and Weight Loss.

Do you find losing weight in certain areas seems impossible?

Mid section weight gain and weight around the hips and thighs is due to hormonal imbalances.

This talk will help you understand how to tweak your diet and balance the hormones that are causing these imbalances.

Week 3

Are you a Sugar Addict – Understanding The Effects Of Sugar and How To Stop Letting Sugar Cravings Ruin Your Weight Loss.

Understanding cravings  and what to do when you experience them is key for your long term success. This talk looks at various nutrients you may need to consume more of and understand

pmeans certain nutrients are not being consumed and certain hormone need to be balanced this talk looks at ways to combat and understand cravings

Week 4

Food Behaviours – How To Stop Self Sabotage and to stay on track. Body image, self esteem and self confidence.

Even when you KNOW what to eat and why do you self sabotage and eat foods you know take you away from your goals. This talk helps you with strategies to STOP wrecking your amazing progress.

Week 5

How To Improve your Sleep and lose inches.

Sleep and understanding how to de-stressing are key to lowering cortisol and ultimately getting ride of belly fat. This talk looks at how to improve your sleep with simple interventions and tips.

Week 6

Understanding The Impact Diary, Wheat, Gluten, and Soy Have on Your Health.

Week 7

Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain?

How To Manage Stress and bring down Cortisol. Stress causes belly fat that will not go through eating less and exercising more learns strategies on how to lower your stress levels every day.

Week 8

What To Do If You Fall of the Wagon and Environmental Toxins

Looking at everything from Cosmetics to Cleaning Products that contribute to ill health and weight gain.

Week 9

Bloating and Digestive Problems – How To Eat To Stop Bloating.

Alcohol – To booze or not to booze? Understand how much booze impacts your health and how to drink without it ruining your detox.

Week 10

Pelvic Health and Gut Health

Why may some exercise be DAMAGING to your pelvic floor?
Why do we suffer from constipation?
Which foods are damaging the gut lining and causing serious inflammation. What is autoimmune?

WE address the things people NEVER Talk about that may be affecting your health.

Week 11

Eating For the Family / Eating Out / What To Eat In Restaurants.

Week 12