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How To Create An Online 90 Day Womens Health Programme

  • 90 day webinar

How To Create An Online 90 Day Womens Health Programme


Do You Teach and want to offer an ONLINE 12-week Womens Health, Wellness & Weightloss Programme but not sure where to start or how to structure it?

Follow my 90 day Women’s Health Wellness & Weightloss Blueprint packed with videos, workouts and information you can use and create your own online programme to run alongside your classes or completely online.

This is the perfect solution to serve your client on a much deeper level, create more impact and increase your income without having to teach more face to face.



Go through my  successful programme and  create your own video talks  and drip feed them into a Facebook Group

Let’s face it your clients can download a  diet sheet and you can go to a gym but what does it REALLY take to optimise health, lose weight and feel incredible.

This is why the 90 Women’s Health & Weight loss Programme is completely unique as it addresses so much more.

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How To Create An Online 90 Day Womens

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 01:00 PM