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Do you want to be part of a revolutionary fitness franchise? KSFL is the true diet and lifestyle solution for the 21st century and YOU can be part of it!

Low Initial Investment

Unlike other fitness business franchises (which can begin at £27,000 just to get started), KSFL is amazing value.

Amazing Earning Opportunities

Teach just 1 extra class a week and earn an extra £3000 in 12 weeks!

Yes Rachel! I want to find out more about Kick Start Fat Loss…

What Makes KSFL Unique?

  • Awesome promotional material and support to help you grow
  • A dedicated members area full of fantastic resources
  • An established social media network with over 25,000 Facebook Fans
  • You will benefit from Rachel Holme’s 30 years experience in the fitness industry
  • KSFL is at the cutting edge of the next wave of nutrition, fitness, wellness and lifestyle coaching
  • And so much more! Read on to find out more about what makes KSFL a revolutionary fitness franchise…

“As a busy working mum with two young children, I have been working hard to develop my online business. I am now able to offer my workout videos along with the KSFL clean eating programme and I have the ability to check in with my clients via Skype and Facetime which gives me the opportunity to have a more personal connection with them and help with advice, motivation and accountability”

Liz Lane, KSFL Maidenhead

Work with health & fitness pioneer Rachel Holmes


Hi! I’m Rachel Holmes, the founder of Kick Start Fat Loss Club.

Kick Start Fat Loss Club is rapidly growing across the world and the health & fitness industry is booming with more and more people taking action to improve their health, lose weight and burn fat.

If you’re looking to be part of a close-knit community, increase your income, have everything ‘done for you’, and make a MASSIVE impact in your local area… you’re in the right place.

I look forward to reviewing your application to join Kick Start Fat Loss!

Let’s get your training started and lets work on launching your business.

Rachel Holmes

“Working with Rachel Holmes is an amazing experience. Her fitness, nutrition and business knowledge is  the best in the industry. With 28 years of experience Rachel has created a successful and sustainable model that is perfect for anyone who wants to grow and develop a successful fitness business”

Jayne Nicholls

Awesome promotional material and support to help you get the best possible performance out of your KSFL franchise

As a KSFL Franchisee you will receive beautifully printed Kick Start Fat Loss manuals and handbooks plus weekly digital posters for you to use on social media to promote your sessions.

I totally understand the power of social media and exactly how to help you sell your classes successfully using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

As a franchisee you get weekly posters, marketing, business coaching and daily training from me personally.

Our signature 12 week transformation 2017 is £137 – £167 so just 30 people will bring you an income of £4110!

Who Makes A Brilliant Kick Start Franchise?

  • A Fitpro who is teaching classes in the community
  • Who wants to earn a more and teach a lot less.
  • Enjoys social media and understands that social media is the why to get new clients and customers with the right strategy.
  • Wants business coaching and mentoring daily with Rachel Holmes
  • Wants a systematized and strategic business generating serious income.
  • Be on the very cutting edge of the next wave of nutrition, fitness, wellness and lifestyle coaching.
  • Be at the very front of the health and wellness industry.

FAQs About Becoming Part of Kick Start Fat Loss

What is a Kick Start Fat Loss Franchise?

The KSFL Franchise business is set up like any other franchise, which means you choose an available postcode. This is your territory and you will be able to set up as many classes as you choose within this area.

Once you have chosen and purchased your desired postcode we will begin training via the online KSFL Franchisee training website.
You will go through KSFL nutrition, Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3 marketing, attend weekly webinars, and I will coach and mentor you to teach the KSFL model on a weekly basis.

The training is exceptionally thorough and I hold weekly live training webinars to keep you motivated and on top of the whole business.

How much is the investment for a Kick Start Fat Loss Franchise?

Unlike other fitness business franchises (which start off at £27,000 just to get started), KSFL is amazing value!
You are benefiting from my 30 years in the fitness industry running an incredibly successful business.  Kick Start Fat Loss is now a tried & tested product and the brand is growing in popularity on a daily basis.
KSFL has been featured in The Mirror, The Sun, Huffington Post, Women Magazine, Daily Mail, Best, Bella, Take a Break, Workout Magazine, Nottingham Evening Post, Irish Times, and media across the UK.
When you fill out the application, you will then have a discovery call to find out if you’re a good fit for KSFL; we’ll answer any questions you have and tell you more about the investment.

How does a KSFL format work?

As with any franchise you teach a set format, use KSFL branding, flyers, leaflets, marketing, music, workouts, clothing and promotion.
I teach you how to use social media to effectively build you and your business PLUS you are able to train other instructors (sub contractors) to teach in your postcode area. You train to deliver the KSFL nutrition, talks and, of course, the 30-minute class itself, which changes and updates every week.
Think of other national franchises that you know and recognise such as Starbucks, Costa, McDonalds, Nandos, Pizza Express… the list goes on.
This uniformity enables you to benefit from a strong brand and is scale-able, so you as the franchisee can step back and manage other instructors to teach your clubs within your postcode.
You will be joining a thoroughly positive, productive and proactive team who are committed to revolutionising the lifestyle club and workout market.
You follow the KSFL blueprint, systems & strategies, and your business WILL be successful.

Am I the right sort of person to be a KSFL Franchise owner?

I’m looking for people who are willing to break new ground, willing to learn new concepts and do things no one else has ever done before on a large scale. You will need to set aside time every week to work on your training, marketing and learning the KSFL methods and brand standards.
Do you have a large following on social media or have big community classes? Then it will be easy to convert your existing clients into KSFL.
You will need to spend time working, promoting and marketing your franchise but the rewards will be worth it long-term.

What is the earning potential of becoming a Kick Start Fat Loss Franchise owner?

SFL has fantastic earning potential. Our signature 12 week transformation 2017 is £137 – £167 so 30 people will bring you an income of £4110!

How does Kick Start Fat Loss differ from other diet and fitness clubs?

The members’ area contains webinars, videos, home workouts and videos with me explaining KSFL, the diet and how it works.
Every one of your customers has access to the full central website detailing everything they need to know, and they have complete online support as well as your weekly classes. No other Diet & Fitness Club offers this online and offline support.

“I’ve been teaching for 10 years. I took the plunge and gave up a full-time job in procurement to go after my dreams. Since joining KSFL my business has grown and I’m expanding fast!”

Sindy Matthews, KSFL Banbury

“I love working online with people. They have me in their living room to workout with, they have access to our group 24/7 and the support from members of the group is amazing.”

Danni Evans, KSFL North Shropshire