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Kick Start Coach Week 1

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Week 1 is always such a special week. 


We get to know our new members, welcome them and put them at ease.

They will be so nervous and excited and it will be your first chance to introduce them to kick Start and make them feel comfortable and happy.

As everyone arrives. Set the scene, with background music and chairs set up and table set up with your books and coconut oil.

1: Upon arrival give out the Detox book and 30 Day Detox Book, tape measure and pens.

2: Most of your members will have booked in advance you will have their names and they will have been active in the Facebook group if  anyone turns up on the night make sure you get all details.

3 ***Have your scales in the corner if anyone wants to weight and you are available for measure.

4: Start your talk with an intro to Kick Start and what to expect, explain how the 4 weeks will run – See talk above.

Be yourself.

Relax and let your personality shine through. You know your stuff and will be fine 🙂


Points to Cover

a: How the 4 weeks will run

b. Introduction to the programme and how you clients will feel during the next 7 days.

c.Explain how the Facebook Group and VIP programme works.

d. Explain measurements and scales

e.Go through the detox and get clients to fill in the book together.