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Kick Start Coach Week 2

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Class Time Welcome and talk for 30 minutes 30 minute HIIT workout

Remember to take pictures of all your clients every week and get them to take pictures at home as well.


Ask clients to weigh and measure at home and enter in their Detox books unless they have asked you specifically to measure them.



By week 2 you will be having some extremely happy clients.

Please watch the video above so you feel confident with the material and the talk.

Some members will have lost a lot of scale weight and others not as much everyone is individual – explain that medications and what they hace eaten over the last decade all has a bearing on results now.


As your members will all have been in a private Facebook group they will be supported every day ensure they are all

OK, happy and have any questions to contact us. They will all have had a message to ensure they weigh and measure and take pictures on the morning of the meeting.

1: Welcome everyone with a hug and ask them how they have been/how do they feel etc.

2:Give everyone individual attention if possible and answer private questions.

3:Welcome the group and ask how they are all feeling, get the class excited and buzzing ask everyone to share how they are feeling and what did they experience over the last 7 days.

4. This will take up a good 10minutes ask everyone to contribute, put everyone at ease and have fun.


1:Recap to eat only on the shopping list if they want the best results – Recap the Detox manual if necessary.


Checks – ASK

1: Are they all starting the day with water and pinch of him salt? Him salt balances the adrenals especially helpful when giving up coffee.

2: The Poo question – Explain the colour / texture change! if they feel constipated reduce eggs and increase the veggies, up the liquid intake as well can help.

Talk about the importance of prepping food for the week and batch cooking if they are busy.

3: How is everyone SLEEPING

Sleep is such an important part of KSFL – anyone can give you a diet sheet and a workout but its  Sleep, Mental Wellbeing, Hormonal Health, Stress that all have to be factored in and often are the reasons people dont get the results they really desire.

This week address Sleep and how to get better at sleeping and sleep hygiene.