Slide Kick Start Fat Loss Online Weight Loss Programmes 21 DAY BODY RESET

This is the first plan Kick Start has introduced with counting macro nutrients.


If you are a seasoned Kick Starter and eat healthy 70 % of the time and want really precise results join me for just £10.

Rachel Holmes

This programme will get you back in shape and feeling amazing!

You can start at any time for 21 days – Are you in?

There are new workouts, motivation, audios and dieting protocols and a new special Private Facebook Coaching Group dedicated to this macro counting and meal planning.

Kick Start Macros – 21 Day Summer Body Reset is going right back to basics – macronutrients, mindset coaching, meditation and daily training for only £10.00

This is not for everyone but only those who are committed!


Don’t take our word for it… see what the last 21 day reset group said:

21 Day Body Reset