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Slide Kick Start Fat Loss Online Weight Loss Programmes 28 DAY FITNESS PILATES DETOX

Introducing the new 28 day Fitness Pilates  Detox Programme.

  • Are You New To KSFL?
  • Would You like to dedicate 28 Day to really sort out your eating, nutrition and fitness?
  • Have you recently had a baby, been injured or post menopause and want to take things a little easier?
  • Do you love Fitness Pilates, Core Training and Fusion Stretch style programmes?

Then THIS detox is perfect for you.

You can join this detox at anytime – whenever you are ready and get all of the information in one go.

Begin the 28 day programme right away as soon as you sign up you gain full access to the shopping lists, meal planners, support tutorials , daily workouts and audios.

PLUS gain access to my awesome Private Kick Start Coaching and Facebook Group.

28 WORKOUTS including Fitness Pilates, Unite, Core Training and Meditation.

Meal planner, recipes, videos, audios, motivation day by day and step by step.

Now only £10.


If you are hiding away under baggy tops and hoodys then give Kick Start a try!

And when you really think about it, have you lost your body confidence and keep telling yourself its still cold so it doesn’t matter what your abs look like……WRONG…… you will feel amazing when your stomach feels flatter without any bloating.

Would you…..

Secretly LOVE to be rocking a slimmer, stronger and leaner mid section?

Join my latest kick Start Fat Loss Online Detox.

28 Day Fitness Pilates  KSFL Detox gives you a daily food plan, new daily  Fitness Pilates, Core Training and Unite Workouts.

Want to Get Involved?

KSFL is not a faddy diet plan, its a clean and nutritious diet plan devised and created by Rachel Holmes, International Fitness Educator and Presenter – beware of copycat plans delivered by unqualified individuals.

Cost is just £10 and you can get access straight away by purchasing below.