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8 Week Super Boost

Kick Start Fat Loss Online Weight Loss Programmes


Are you ready to really get your nutrition, health and fitness back on track?

Have you lost your way and need a fully comprehensive programme you can follow to get a amazing results?

Have you done Kick Start in the past and have lapsed and need to get back on track with our latest online programme?

Get back on track this summer and achieve amazing results with the 8 week super boost programme!

You get meals plans, recipe ideas, daily workouts, a bespoke members area and you can start the programme right away!

You get access to the WHOLE Content right away. and can start it immediately.

Who Is the 8 week Super Boost For?

  • You “KNOW” what to do but need a proper plan
  • You need new training ideas and workouts.
  • You ENJOY Following a programme.
  • You want guidance and accountability.
  • You feel like you need to get back to basics with your nutrition and training.
  • You need to understand what supplements and the effect of medications you may be on.
  • You dont have the time to post in a FACEBOOK group and like to follow in your own time.

What does the plan include?

Week 1 back To Basics Nutrition

*What to eat

*When to eat

*How to eat

Workout 1 Kick Start FIT START

Week 2 To Detox Or Not To Detox

How to ramp up your initial results.

Workout 2 Kick Start HIIT X

Week 3 Supplements and Fine Tuning Your Training

Supplement advice.

Workout 3 HIIT ABS and Core

Week 4 Fatloss and Ultimate Health

Workout 4 SHRED

Week 5 Core And More Nutrition

Eating To Lose Belly Fat

Workout 5 Ks EXTREME

Week 6 Reboost and Supercharge your habits and nutrition

Workout 6 Kick Start Bootcamp.

Week 7 Mindset and Motivation

How to keep going for the long term.

Workout 7 Kick Start Fat Loss Inferno

Week 8 How to Maintain your Amazing Results

Workout 8 RUSH Accumulator

Join the 8 Week Super Boost Plan today and save £20 with our special launch price of only £79.00 usually £99.00!