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KSFL Police Detox Week 2

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Week 2 Workouts

As we enter week 2 of KSFL I am hoping you are feeling great and your energy levels are soaring and you are feeling super positive?

Aim to perform a workout every day if you can. They are only 10 minutes and will boost your metabolism and get your body burning up tons of fat and calories.

You can mix and match workouts from last week with the new ones featured here to stop you getting bored.

KSFL is all about balancing hormones and blood sugar rather than counting calories. Please scroll down for more information videos that will help you understand the concept and research



KSFL HIT LIGHT 40/20 Intro Workout with Rachel Holmes from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

– KSFL Fatburning Workout Advanced



Workout 2 Cardio Core Workout


Fitness Pilates Workout



Breakfast Ideas

Its always breakfast that many people do struggle with even though you have probably been eating the same breakfast day after day for years when it comes to ditching cereals we seem to worry about variety and choice.

You should always start your day with protein. This will ensure your blood sugar level is stable and you wont get any energy crashes later on in the day.


Breakfast Ideas from the KSFL Cook Book by Rachel Holmes & Cori Withell

Vegetable Stir Fry

Turkey rashes, tomatoes, mushrooms

Scrambled eggs and spinach

Veggie Fritatta

Courgette Omelette


Eating Out

You don to be a hermit when you are detoxing on KSFL as its quite easy to eat out. Choose steaks, fish and chicken without sauces and tons of extra vegg. Most restaurants will have these staples on the menu, simply ask for the dishes without any sauces.

Restaurants like Nandos, TGI Fridays, Wetherspoons all do lots of dishes that fit right into the KSFL lifestyle.


Choose the Good Carbs

KSFL isn’t s low carb diet its a GOOD CARB diet. You get all of the amazing nutrients your body needs by eating vegetables. Broccoli, really is super food number 1 along with spinach, garden peas, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, parsnips and sweet potatoes. These are all good carbs and you can afford to eat plenty at every sitting.

Its the starchy carbs like bread, pasta, cakes and pastries that you should cut out and limit only to treat meals once a week or less once you have completed the detox.


Ditch the Processed Food

Research proves that many foods  we deem to be “healthy” such as low fat options are actually heavily processed and contain a heap of sugar.  Consuming sugar daily will leave the body and brain craving for more and more, keeping us locked into a cycle of constantly wanting more  of these foods. Creating your own meals from scratch and using your slow cooker will ensure you fuel your body with the best possible nutrients and turn your body into a fatburning machine.


Drink plenty of bottled water every day to flush toxins and aid the liver in detoxification.


Helpful VLOGS for KSFL Members

Why Breakfast Cereal Makes You Fat

Q and A with Rachel Holmes

The Best Fatburning Exercise


How to make a protein pancake – A great sweet treat

How to make Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice