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10 Minute Recipes Downloadable Cook Book

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10 Minute Recipes Downloadable Cook Book

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Whenever I do a Kick Start Fat Loss talk, the most popular feedback I receive from the audience is:

“But I don’t have time to cook.”

“I’m so busy, I am rushing around in the morning getting the family organised, all I can manage is cereal and toast on the go!”

As soon as I mention cooking from scratch, the barriers go up and I notice a look of panic in the room.

With a little planning it really doesn’t have to be like that, hence this simple Kick Start 10 Minute Recipe Book. I encourage you to play around with the recipes adapting them if you are vegetarian or want to simply experiment.

Batch cooking, planning and food prepping is the name of the game and will ensure you get the results you really want.

I can’t wait to share these with you!

This is an e-cookbook, once you have purchased you will be able to download and access the recipe’s immediately!

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