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PRIME 14 day Kick Start For Prime Fitpros

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PRIME 14 day Kick Start For Prime Fitpros


14 Day Intro To Prime Programme for Fitpros.

Prime Motivational Talks and  Workouts.

Help for you to launch your PRIME Programme.

All online now to access right away you can template and create your own version.

Intro To PRIME 14 day Programme 

This is a general 14 Day Intro To Prime Course that you could run as a passive income

course or deliver in  A Facebook group for existing or new clients.

Video 1 Preparation Video 

Video 2 How To Market Your Prime Course

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Week 1 

Day 1 Lets go – Common Sense Nutrition

Day 1 Common Sense Day 1 Holistic HIIT 

Day 2. Menopause Weight Gain 

Repeat Day 1 Workout 

Day 3 Weightloss For Menopause 

Day 3 Cardio Crazy Workouts 

Day 4 Bones & Osteoporosis Talk

Day 4 Repeat Cardio Crazy Workouts

Day 5 Week Overview – Healthy Habits 

Confirming your daily habits 

Menopause Symptoms

Mental Health 

Week 2  

Day 1 Menopause Updates 

Getting On track

Day 1 Full Body Band Workout

Day 2 Talk & Motivation 

Day 2 LIIT Workout 

Day 3 Nutrition and Healthy Tips Daily Motivation

Repeat Day 1 or Day 2 Workouts

Day 4 Motivational Talk 

Evening Nibbling and emotional Eating

Day 4 Aerotone Workout 

Day 5 Prime Updates & Daily Motivation 

Repeat Workout of choice

Final Day Round Up  Video 







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