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Day 11

How are you doing?


Here is a new workout for you to try today

Day 12


Day 13 and 14




1.SPRING out of bed choose a workout to do x 2

2. Cold shower

3.Eat 3 protein rich meals paced out how every you like


Have  fruit / nuts / seeds / root veggies if required



WEEK 3 Are you ready to rock




Day 18 and Day 19 Video

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th September

1: Please do Ab workout today and tomorrow

DAY 19

1.Upon waking perform workout.

2.Cold shower

3.Fast 15 – 18 hours

4.Break fats with a nutrient dense meal lots of startchy carbs and root veg – rotate your meats and fishes.



Day 20 – 21


VERY VERY SIMPLE today choose 2 workouts and make sure you do them on both days and 3 protein rich meals

Have a great weekend xx


we will be mixing things up for next week x



Day 22


1. Heres a new Fitness Pilates Workout for you to try and also do one of the other cardio HIIT workouts on this page today.

2. 3 Meals spaces out as required – Lots of good clean food but NO fruit or nuts today still with meat /fish and veggies

3.Try to leave at least 3 hours after final meal before bed

4. 2 Litres of water


 Day 23 and Day 24  Listen to the Audio below

DAY 25 & 26 Friday


1.Morning Protocol – Choose a workout

2.Cold shower

3 3 xMeals spaces out however required

add in some great carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds, fruit and rotate your meats and fishes.

4. No snacking.

5.2 litres of water

6. No added sugar in anything.



Day 28 – Easy day of 3 meals Protein rich – The challenge is to create a clean sunday lunch & desert can you do it?

Monday Day 29 – FULL FAST 18 – 22 hours since you last eat and really give the digestive system a complete rest. This will rev up the metabolic rate.

Tuesday Day 30 – 3 Meals adding in fruit/nuts /root veg as required