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Month: February 2015

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Kick Start Chicken Nuggets

More Super Easy Fatburning meal ideas for Super Busy Healthy Folks HUGE Thanks to Fran and the Orpington Kick Start Club Enjoy Love Rachel xx

Kick Start Courgetti Spaghetti Bolognese

A real favourite here – Especially when you are on the Kick Start Lifestyle you can miss your SpagBol Here is a healthy fatburning version that will keep you right on plan Huge thanks to Fran Flin & the Orpington Kick Starters – Great feedback from all around the UK on these simple, quick and

Kick Start Coconut Flour Pancakes

    Thanks to Kick Start Fat Loss Chester for this graphic and recipe idea HAPPY PANCAKE DAY Love Rachel x

Kick Start Chicken & Thyme Casserole Quick & Easy Fatburning Meal Ideas

Are you planning your meals for the week? If the kids are of and you have a busy week ahead here are more of super fast quick and easy fatburning meals for the whole family. These easy to prepare meals keep you on track with minimum prep time – this takes about 6 – 7

Do You Feel a Bit Sicky After All That Valentines Food?

are you are feeling a bit………FULL, Bloated even sickly….   after last nights Valentines   You may want to get straight back onto your Kick Start regime if you steered of topic last night.   So, here are some super simple Sunday ideas to get you back on track. And to accompany your meals

Healthy Valentines Kick Start

Happy Valentines Everyone! Wishing you a ton of love and happiness and of course super healthy happy food thats not going to make you feel like you ate a brick in the morning! You can still keep away from the toxic gluten &  wheat and enjoy a fabulous healthy dinner.    

Super Simple Super Food

Does this look easy? That’s because it is – 2 SUPERFOODS combine to give you a fantastic start to your day ….or a lush lunch on the go! Avocado and egg!!! Serve it up with rocket / watercress / crunchy peppers, tomatoes …whatever takes your fancy (not bread lol!)! #KSFLFOOD #ksflorpington #ksfluk Join my FREE

Kick Start Fat Loss Clean Dark Chocolate Cake

A HUGE Kick Start Favourite Here it is the recipe you have all been waiting for THE KICKSTART CHOCOLATE CAKE…… ONLY FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS! ingredients: 150 gr walnuts 150 gr almond flour 200 gr best quality cooking chocolate (I used dark and green) 1 tbsp raw cacao powder 225 gr grass fed butter 3 tbsp

Kick Start Fat Loss In Pembrokeshire

  Check out our Kick Start Franchisee for Pembrokeshire Amber Rich. Amber had her first baby, Bea at 41 and even though a fitness instructor with over 20 years experience struggled to lose her baby weight. Amber came to me in December on a Hot Fitness Pilates course, we chatted about Kick Start, she got

Healthy Banana Pancakes

Here is a one of the most popular Kick Start Breakfast ideas for the whole family. It takes about 7 minutes in total to create a banana pancake. Thanks to Fran Flinn pf Kick Start Orpington. Have a great day! Love Rachel x