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Kick Start Fat Loss Clean Dark Chocolate Cake

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A HUGE Kick Start Favourite

Here it is the recipe you have all been waiting for THE KICKSTART CHOCOLATE CAKE…… ONLY FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS!

150 gr walnuts
150 gr almond flour
200 gr best quality cooking chocolate (I used dark and green)
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
225 gr grass fed butter
3 tbsp agave or coconut sugar
6 eggs (separated)
Pinch Himalayan salt

In blender mix ground almonds , walnuts chocolate and cacao powder. Pour into a bowl.
Then mix in blender butter with agave or coconut sugar and the egg yokes.
In another bowl best egg whites with pinch of salt until the form stiff peaks. Gently fold into mixture .
Heat up oven to 190 degrees and cook for about 1 hour

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