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Month: March 2015

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Double Nut Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

OMG How amazing does this look? Perfect For An Easter Cake     Double nut dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting…. mouth watering…isn’t it???At the end of the day CAKE is CAKE… and you should not eat the whole thing!!…but simply by substituting flour and sugar with almond flour and honey you can make

Gluten Free Courgette Quiche

Gluten Free Courgette Quiche Another super clean and fatburning meal idea proving once again home  cooked clean food is the way to health, weight management & HAPPINESSS! Thanks to Fran Flin and the Orpington KSFL’ers LOVE RACHEL xxxx   Have you signed up for any of my FREE KSFL ONLINE Prgrammes? 14 Day Body Blitz 

Kick Start Fat Loss Cumin Coated Lamb

This is an amazing mouth watering clean Kick Start Lamb Dish Thanks to Andrea Riddoch of Kick Start Fat Loss Leeds Let me know if you make this dish Have a great day Love Rachel Tweet me @RachelHolmes Instagram RachelLHolmes Do YOu want to join my FREE 14 DAY Kick Start Fat Loss Body Blitz

Kick Start Fatburning Cauliflower Mash

  Try this tonight instead of Starchy Potatoes   Thanks to Andrea Riddoch of KSL Leeds for the recipe! Love Rachel xxx Sign up for one of my FREE Kick Start Fat Loss Programmes today 14 Day Body Blitz Challenge click here  

The Importance of Ghee for Fatloss

 Ghee…a healthy fat, is a type of clarified butter that’s been cooked a bit longer to give it a nutty flavor. It’s got some fantastic properties that make it both healthy and good to cook with. It is made by heating butter slowly until all the water cooks off and the proteins coagulate in the


Here are 2 super refreshing & energising Juices perfect for breakfast or any time! Many Thanks to Super Juice Queen Mairi Taylor Kick Start Fat Loss Business Owner for Barrow

Ginger Goji & Pecan Raw Chocolate – Recipe Idea

Kick Start Ginger Goji & Pecan Raw Chocolate Created by Mairi Taylor   Once you have made and tasted your own raw chocolate you will never touch a bar of chemically processed “chocolate” again! These are the ingredients in my Raw Ginger Goji & Peacan Chocolate:                 You

Kick Start Fat Loss Bread

If you are bread lover then giving it up is tough. There is nothing quite like a chunky whole meal sandwich! If you are on the maintenance plan why not try our healthy gluten free home made bread recipe? Another super simple idea for you to make and enjoy.      

Raw Berry Chocolate

With Mothers Day just around the corner here is FABulous clean sweet treats recipe to try out. Home made chocolate is so much more healthy than any mass manufactured versions, why not give it a go?     Huge Thanks to Mairi Taylor KSFL Franchisee for Barrow Tweet us if you make it @RachelHolmes

Fast Energising Juice Breakfast

More ideas for the Breakfast rebels who want a fast fatburning energising breakfast. A Nutribullet blend really is the answer,whizz it all up & drink on the go Ensuing you stay on the Kick Start plan Thanks to Fran Flin & the Orpington Kick Starters. Have you got a NUTRIBullet? Do you want more fat