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BOOST your energy and transform your nutrition with these top tips

Here are my 10 Steps To  Eating The Kick Start Lifestyle 1. STOP eating sugar or cut it down -including fruit juices and sports drinks that contain HFCS, honey, and agave – the body treats all of these “healthy” sugars AS sugar in the body. Elevating your fat storing hormones, increasing cravings and leading to

Slow cooker recipes from Kick Start

  We love slow cooking and one pot dinner for simple and healthy meals- here are some of our favourite from our slow cooker recipe book:     Did you love these recipes? Sign up to our free newsletter for more

Budget Friendly Healthy Food Ideas from Kick Start

It is certainly a myth that eating healthy has to be more expensive…. with just a few smart choices you can make healthy food part of your lifestyle on a budget. It is no secret that processed and unhealthy food is cheap- some food chains even offer a burger for £1 which means fast food