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Day 15 – 21 21 Day Detox

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Day 15 – 21 Take your photos on DAY 15

Now we all know that into any eating plan week 3 and beyond are where your body shape really starts to change so keep motivated and stay strong.

You may find that you weight loss stabilisers,so its really all about your inch loss and shape change, especially with the workouts I have planned for you.

So PICTURES are so important. In fact, not just important VITAL to your track your success.

Okay before and after photos are VITAL yet many people dont want to take them as they make them feel uncomfortable. BUT YOU MUST.

1- The camera never lies.
2- We can compare photos along the way and at the end to measure progress
3- During times of ‘i cant do this’ we can compare our before photo to our most recent pictures and think LOOK HOW FAR I HAVE COME
So please take pictures.
1 from the front, 1 from the side, 1 from the back.
Please post in the group.
Its keeps us all on track.

Make sure you have done your pictures you will regret it if you don’t.


Day 15

FULL FAST – Don’t Panic, Stay Calm and Relax into this!

This is key day for everyone and is usually make or break at this point in the plan.

But I know you can do it 1000’s of people have already gone through this plan and have had amazing results and you will too.

Fasting is a mind set. You really wont be hungry as we have built up with the 2 intermittent fasts previously.

Focus on your body burning the fat you have and detoxification of the cells. Keep drinking tons and tons of water.

Sometimes on your first fast you may feel a bit crabby but once you have done it a few times it becomes no problem. So, head down, stay motivated and PMA at all times. Use the group for support and help if you need it.

No food for 22 hours if you ate at 6pm tonight then its going to be 4pm the next day.


Eat a high protein rich meal and add in starchy carbs if you need them.
Later on if you are hungry have a smaller meal

Example – Prawn and Avocado Salad, Omelet, Protein Shake,


Go for a Fitness Pilates Workout today nothing too intense

YOU have to take in 4 litres of water if you can, as much as possible. Unlimited fruit teas.

I promise tomorrow you will feel incredible.

Prepare your evening meal well in advance and make if protein rich with tons of veggies, tomorrow we will be packing in loads of nutrients and some carbs and having 3 – 4 meals.

Read through yesterdays fasting documents and really monitor your energy levels and mood.


A great article on detoxfication and fasting that you may find interesting by Charles Poliquin.


Charles Poliquins Blog is fantastic I thoroughly recommend subscribing to it.

Day 16

3 meals today usual proteins and veggies but add small amount of starchy carbs after both workouts.

For your starchy carbs choose from:

Fruit – Rasberry/Cherry/Blackberry/ are the best
Brown Rice, Quinoa, Nuts – Almonds, Macadamia,
Root Vegetables, chick peas, lentils, pulses

Keep small portions – handful size.

3 – 4 Litres of water all day – The liver needs so much water now to flush through and aid with fat loss and detoxification.

Choose a workout today and perform x2

If you can do the workout x3 you would be giving yourself a massive boost right now.

Lots of food cycling coming up so get ready – Load up today with tons of veggies.


Day 17

I know you all enjoyed the fruit yesterday but its going away today and we are back with a high protein day and very low carbs, so no starchy carbs at all, no rice, no pulses, no kidney beans just a basic protein rich and veg day today and we need to up the intensity of the workouts.

You are doing amazingly well, stay strong and lets really do this.

Meal 1 – Breakfast Post Workout – choose a workout and perform x 2


Meal 2 and 3 Protein and Veg again.

Choose a past workout to mix things up a little.

Ensure you get a good sleep and in bed by 1030pm your body needs the rest

3/4 litres of water
Licorice Tea up to about 4pm then switch to Tulsi.


Day 18

You’ve had 2 lovely days of food and now we are back cycling in an intermittent fast.

No food until 17 hours since you ate your evening meal yesterday.

Choose a workout to do x2

Also after workout one get some starchy carbs in as well with protein rich food.

Meal 1/ Breakfast at 1pm
Example Fish/Chicken with Sweet Potatoes/Brown Rice/Root Veg/Quinoa

Meal 2 High protein low carb

Make sure today you include a bag of spinach or a brocholli or water cress to be consumed at some point during the day – This is important so please ensure you do.

Stay Strong You can do this.

Fill you plate with as lots of green veg and salad.

3/4 litres of Water

Fruit Teas all day


Day 19 and 20

3 x Protein rich meals so no starchy carbs, just high protein and loads and loads of veggies

Aim for 5 litres of water to really flush the body and help with detoxification.

Usual Meat/Fish/Veggies – rack up on spinach/brocholli/green beans/sugar snap peas/Kale/

No root veg or fruit today

Protein shakes are fine if you need an extra burst

Choose a workout to perform on both days


Day 21

RESULTS Now again perform the fit test, weigh and measure and take your pictures but don’t worry too much about your weight it could fluctuate so much as we are still right the middle of the detox so check your measurements and pictures out so much more.

1.Upon rising perform the Fitest and compare you results to week 1 and 7 and see how far you have come

2.Eat 3 Protein rich meals but add in some starchy carbs in meal 1 include fruit/banana/root veg /Quinoa but only a small portion you don tneed that much.

SCALES ARE FOR FISH Its your measurements and pictures we are really interested in now so don’t worry too much about the scales.


OPTIONAL CHEAT MEAL – As you have now completed 21 days if you would like to have a cheat meal then go for it. Anything you fancy you can now have but its only for one meal not the whole day or you will go back to where you started from. It doesnt have to be anything huge just anything you fancy but watch and see how you feel afterwards. Probably sick and hung over so watch out…….

Cheat Meal
Enjoy something you have really been craving and enjoy every mouthful but be warned you may have a food hangover if the food is rich and sugary. Your cheat meal may even give you an upset stomach as your body is now used to running on good clean and nutritious foods. dont be surprised if you feel sick, get wind or even diarrhoea.

Here’s some interesting Facts

Alcohol and Fat Burning by Rachel Holmes

Thank you all so much for your colossal feedback from last week’s newsletter and in particular my article on Crisis in the Weight Loss Industry. I will continue to look at topics over the coming weeks but now, as the sun is out and it’s nearly Easter, I wanted to touch on Alcohol and Fat Burning.
Today we are examining the effects of alcohol on the body and how you can still enjoy your favorite tipple from time to time without it taking permanent residence on your hard earned abs and 6 pack.
Let’s quickly review how nutrients are stored and burned after food.
1. Carbs and protein suppress fat oxidation via an elevation in insulin. However, these macronutrients do not contribute to fat synthesis in any meaningful way by themselves.
2. Since fat oxidation is suppressed, dietary fat is stored in fat cells.
3. As the hours go by and insulin drops, fat is released from fat cells. Fat storage is an ongoing process and fatty acids are constantly entering and exiting fat cells throughout the day. Net gain or loss is more or less dictated by calorie input and output.
If we throw alcohol into the mix, it gets immediate priority in the substrata hierarchy: Alcohol puts the brakes on fat oxidation, but also suppresses carb and protein synthesis
This makes sense considering that the metabolic by-product of alcohol, acetate, is toxic. Metabolising it takes precedence over everything else.
In a nutshell, if you want to maintain a lean body avoiding alcohol is a good choice. It’s not just the added calories (alcohol offers seven calories per gram compared to carbs and protein, which contain four each) but the effect alcohol has on fat burning and storage..
Alcohol affects metabolism because when you drink it your body puts all other metabolic processes on hold until it has processed the alcohol. Your body can’t convert the calories from the alcohol to fat, meaning it needs to use them up, and will delay all other fat burning and energy use until the alcohol has been processed.
Drinking alcohol affects your hormones as well, increasing cortisol and modifying steroid metabolism in the liver. This results in lower androgens for both sexes. Women with higher levels of androgens and men with lower levels are equally at risk for belly fat gain, and for men, lower androgens mean less testosterone.
Not Good!
Drinking Alcohol – In a nutshell ( or a bombshell)
1. Greatly increases your daily calorie intake.
2. Massively spikes cortisol.
3. Greatly increases sugar consumption so you will crave carbs and sugar the following day.

But Rachel I’m going to a party on Saturday Night and I want to enjoy a drink?
Of course you do and why not.
Here are some strategies to help you.
1. Make the night of the party your cheat meal – and drink whatever you want!
2. Choose Dry White Wines – Dry being defined as less than 1.4 % residual sugar.
3. If you can choose between White and Red go for Red and the best Reds are Spanish Reds due to resveratol.
4. Avoid Champagne and White Zinfandel form California.
5. Drink spritzers or follow every glass of red with a glass of water.
6. On the day of your party eat a protein rich breakfast, lunch and dinner.
7. Take your usual supplements – Greens Drinks / High Quality Fish Oils.
8. Eat a protein rich breakfast the following day to minimise carb and sugar cravings.
Wine Varieties
Red Wines include:
Pinot Noir. Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot, Marlbec ( Argentina), Merlot, Red Zinfandel.
Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino
Champagne, White Zinfandel, Riesling
The body can’t store alcohol, so it has to use it up first. All the other metabolic processes- i.e. the metabolizing of fat and glucose- have to be put on hold while the body gets rid of the alcohol.
Alcohol turns off fat burning at the cellular level.
So all in all a little depressing, but if you stick to Dry White and Red Wines the occasional drink wont sabotage your fat loss just ensure you eat your protein rich meals before and after.
Go easy and tread carefully. Remember alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions and you might not need much encouraging to hit the chip shop, kebab shop or 24 hour Asda for god knows what else!

Heres a choice of Workouts for you to complete this week

More Intense Workouts

Less Intense and Fitness Pilates Workouts

Great work!

You should be very proud of yourself!

Please share your results with us!

If you wish to feature in the blog please email: Lauren@ksflgroup.com