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Day 22 – 28 28 Day Detox

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Here we are on the final 7 day Push to the finish line Follow everything to the letter and you will get amazing results.

Day 22

You are doing so well!

Stay on track this is another  intermittent fast, you may feel tired and doms setting in but we have some planned recovery and rest days coming up so stay strong.

Remember this is a kick start to get the fat shifting and speeding up your metabolic rate and get your body REALLY burning fat.

After 17 hours of fasting your body is in an unfed phase and then will maximise the amount of fat is burns for energy and fuel.

Introducing some good starchy carbs today.

Fast again for 17 hours form when you ate last night
Same rules as yesterday – 3 – 4 litres of water, fruit teas etc.
Have a mini meal 3/4 hours later before your evening meal.
After workout 2 eat a hand full of starchy carbs..

You can do this!

Heres more information on Intermittent Fasting and Full Fasts

You need to get into the right mindset and to be honest you wont believe how much more time you have today as you wont be planning and eating food. Its liberating to be honest.

Points about fasting.

You are giving your whole digestive system a complete break. So you wont be on an insulin/cortisol blood sugar roller coaster.
Highly regarded studies have shown you will not lose muscle mass or slow down your metabolism – this theory is a complete myth.
People all around the world use Fasting weekly and during religious periods. It is totally common practice for many, many people.
Fasting once a week will help manage your weight, help you lose weight, regulate hormones and blood sugar.
Improve brain function, memory capacity, enable you to focus and improved mental clarity.
The food industry has been trying very hard to hide the benefits of fasting – think if the population of the UK fasted for 24 hours every week think how this would affect supermarkets/food production/food manufacturing companies etc.
You are totally fine to train and teach in a fasted state.
A 24 hour fast has been shown to be the optimum amount of time to get the best results from a fast.
You may actually have never in your life experienced hunger. We are conditioned to eat every 3/4 hours, we have been told thats how we must eat, and that is conditioned into us. Even if you dont eat for 5 hours after your last meal your body is still in a fed state is still processing and digesting food, there is tons of unused energy in your system to keep you going.
Fasting for 24 hours has shown to drastically reduced insulin levels.
When you are in fasted state your body can burn fat.
Fasting increases the production of growth hormone.
Fasting once a week coupled with a HIT exercise plan and resistance training is a highly effective method to losing weight. It can also correct some of the negative metabolic effects that come from spending so much time in a fed state.
Fasting once a week will lower your overall calorie intake per week of 15/20% with no negative effects on your metabolism.
According to research after 18 hours without food the body begins to burn significantly more fat but then it levels out at 30 hours so 24 hours  is a good point to go for.
1/ 2 fasts maximum per week will bring your significant results.

Fasting Tips.

Keep busy and active all day – Keep your mind occupied.
Drink 3 – 4 litres of water
Drink Fruit Teas.

Break your fast with a greens drink then eat a nutrient rich meal of Meat/Fish/Veggie and take your supplements.

Once you have gone without food for a full 24 hours and you have done this a few times you get a feel for the reasons behind why you eat, what you eat and when you eat.
Often times, hunger isnt one of these reasons. Habit and emotional connection are usually the reasons.

Ive been experimenting a lot for ideas post KSFL, Whats been working for me recently is to eat  clean 80% of the time.  Enjoy a cheat meal and fast once per week to maintain initial weight loss and physique. I fast on a day when I’m super busy and never when Im at home all day so I don’t even think about food and have a lovely meal prepared in advance in the slow cooker.


Day 23

Food is back! Hurahh!!

It wasnt that bad was it?

Giving your body a break from an insulin roller-coaster of eating every 3 or 4 hours has amazing benefits. I hope you feel leaner and mentally sharp as well today.

Today we want to get in lots of nutrients but keep carbs low.

Upon rising 2 litres of water
Perform Workout

For Breakfast/Meal 1

Meat/Fish for Meal 1 add in a some almonds/cashews not too many though.

Get in 3 or 4 Feeds today. Have plenty of food loads of veggies and protein.

4 litres of water would be fab! Keep hydrated and flushing the body through with good clean water.

4.Choose a workout


Eat Meal 1 post workout

Day 24 and Day 25

3 meals for the next 2 days – usual proteins and veggies but add small amount of starchy carbs after workouts.

For your starchy carbs choose from:

Fruit – Rasberry/Cherry/Blackberry/ are the best
Brown Rice
Root Vegetables
Banana, Quinoa,

Keep it a small potions – handful size.

3 – 4 Litres of water all day – The liver needs so much water now to flush through and aid with fat loss and detoxification.
Choose a workout to perform x2

If you can do the workout x3 you would be giving yourself a massive boost right now.

Day 26

3 Meals today BUT NO starcy carbs just keep the proteins and veggies for 3 meals today

Choose a workout to do x2


Day 27 – Intermittent Fast
Fast again for 17 hours form when you ate last night
Same rules as yesterday – 3 – 4 litres of water, fruit teas etc.
Have a mini meal 3/4 hours later before your evening meal.

Choose a workout to do and get ready for the final 28 day results
After workout 2 eat a hand full of starchy carbs.


Day 28


Do the FITTEST and post all of your pictures and measurements and weight – Can you email me personally with all of your results and your feedback on the programme. I would be so interested in exactly how you have gone on so please do let me know [email protected]

Congratulations for completing the course I know its been intense.

The reason I drip fed the information on a daily basis was so you only had to concentrate on one day at a time. If you had all of the information in one go you probably wouldn’t of done it!

For many of you your body will be detoxified, others may need a little longer.

My suggestions.

Cheat Meal
Have a cheat meal at least every 7 days, if you feel you need it more go for 5 days. Enjoy  something you have really been craving and enjoy every mouthful but be warned you may have a food hangover if the food is rich and sugary. Your cheat meal may even give you an upset stomach as your body is now used to running on good clean and nutritious foods.

Dont have a cheat DAY only have a cheat MEAL.

Monitor this and see how you feel.

You can now continue to eat ‘clean” in the way we have been and reintroducing foods as you go seeing how they make you feel.

I have a continuation programme that you can sign up and Please email me for details [email protected]

How to implement it into your Life

I do 2 x 18 hour fasts per week and a full 24 hour fast every Tuesday – Tuesday is my busiest teaching day and Im away from my desk for the longest time, I sometimes fast when I not teaching but I find it harder when Im at home all day. You have to experiment with which days work for you in your week.

Focus on eating good clean and nutritious food that help balance blood sugars and hormones. Get away from snacking and plan 2 or 3 nutritious meals per day – Cooking from scratch

If you need extra energy add starchy carbs within an hour of training. (High Intensity)


I still miss a coffee so if you do to go for an organic coffee – Clipper do a nice variety, drink a minimum amount of cups or save it for cheat meal.

Smash the Myths

1.Eating Small and Often is a complete myth.
Fasting is a positive – Gives your digestive system a complete rest.
Sweet fruits are not a dieters friend – Save fruits for cheat meals
Between 18 – 24 hours of fasting is the window you body will burn more fat.
You have to drink a minimum of 4 litres of water for a detox to really work.
Take Fish Oils and Greens Drinks as these are the best supplements for the you.

Good Luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress.


Here are your workouts for this week