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Day 9 – 14 2 1/2 stone

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WELL DONE You made it through your first Intermittent Fast. The key is to stay busy and focussed and you will feel totally amazing.

For the next 4 days you will continue to eat clean. High protein good carbs and 3 meals per day with a few slight tweaks..

Day 9
The results you are all getting here is amazing. Im changing things up a little bit this week with workouts and food please follow it to the T to get the best results by Day 14.

3 meals today usual proteins and veggies but add small amount of starchy carbs after both workouts.

For your starchy carbs choose from:

Fruit – Rasberry/Cherry/Blackberry/ are the best
Brown Rice
Root Vegetables

Keep it a small potions – handful size.

3 – 4 Litres of water all day – The liver needs so much water now to flush through and aid with fat loss and detoxification.

Choose a workout today and perform x2

If you can do the workout x3 you would be giving yourself a massive boost right now.

Lots of food cycling coming up so get ready – Load up today with tons of veggies.

Day 10

I know you all enjoyed the fruit yesterday but its going away today and we are back with a high protein day and very low carbs, so no starchy carbs at all, no rice, no pulses, no kidney beans just a basic protein rich and veg day today and we need to up the intensity of the workouts.

You are doing amazingly well, stay strong and lets really do this.

Meal 1 – Breakfast Post Workout – choose a workout and perform x 2


Meal 2 and 3 Protein and Veg again.

Choose a past workout to mix things up a little.

Ensure you get a good sleep and in bed by 1030pm your body needs the rest

3/4 litres of water
Licorice Tea up to about 4pm then switch to Tulsi.


Day 11

You’ve had 2 lovely days of food and now we are back cycling in an intermittent fast.

No food until 17 hours since you ate your evening meal yesterday.

Choose a workout to do x2

Also after workout one get some starchy carbs in as well with protein rich food.

Meal 1/ Breakfast at 1pm
Example Fish/Chicken with Sweet Potatoes/Brown Rice/Root Veg

Meal 2 High protein low carb

Make sure today you include a bag of spinach or a brocholli or water cress to be consumed at some point during the day.

Stay Strong You can do this.

Fill you plate with as lots of green veg and salad.

3/4 litres of Water

Fruit Teas all day


Day 12 and Day 13

3 x Protein rich meals so no starchy carbs, just high protein and loads and loads of veggies

Aim for 5 litres of water to really flush the body and help with detoxification.

Usual Meat/Fish/Veggies – rack up on spinach/brocholli/green beans/sugar snap peas/Kale/

No root veg or fruit today

Protein shakes are fine if you need an extra burst

Choose a workout to perform on both days


Day 14

RESULTS Now again perform the fit test, weigh and measure and take your pictures but don’t worry too much about your weight it could fluctuate so much as we are still right the middle of the detox so check your measurements and pictures out so much more.

1.Upon rising perform the Fitest and compare you results to week 1 and 7 and see how far you have come

2.Eat 3 Protein rich meals but add in some starchy carbs in meal 1 include fruit/banana/root veg /Quinoa but only a small portion you don tneed that much.


This article is about weighing yourself.

Although it’s very tempting to weigh yourself daily, please try not to.

The reasons are multiple, some people will lose more weight at the beginning of this program, and others will lose more weight towards the end.
Also, I am manipulating your hormones and your weight could swing up or down as much as 3 or 4 pounds every day.

Your measurements are more important than what you see on the scales, which is why I focus on your inch loss and how you look from week to week with your photos.

Also it can be heartbreaking, for some people who jump on the scales after 7 days or 14 days and see they haven’t lost as much weight as other people. Because we all lose weight at different speeds. Your measurements and photos are 90% more important than what the scales say. We only use the scales as a guide once a week on our results day.

I look forward to seeing your results on Sunday, and tempting as it is please wait until then to jump on the scales.

Remember; Scales are for fish!

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