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Day 7 Results 28 Day Detox

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Day 7 KSFL with Rachel Holmes

Firstly, I must congratulate you on coming this far. This is a tough DETOX and you are doing amazingly well!

Todays Workout is the Fitest again so we can reassess your results after the first 7 days

Record your Results
Weigh and Measure yourself and take a picture and record your results.

Meal 1 – Meat/Fish Tons of Veggies

Workout 2 – choose from one of the workouts we have done this week.

Meal 2 – Meat/ Fish/ Veggies.

4 litres of water and lots of fruits teas until 4pm then only drink Tulsi Tea

Make sure you get to bed by 1030pm latest so you wake up rested .

Please post your results in the group.

Next week things will start to change a little as we move into the next phase of the Detox

Coconut Oil And Why It Is  key on KSFL by Rachel Holmes
One type of fat that you need to be using when on KSFL  is coconut oil. Many people avoid coconut oil at all costs because they see that it’s high in saturated fat and think that that means that they should be option for something else – something that contains unsaturated fats or
monounsaturated fats.
Coconut oil contains a type of fat that is handled differently in the body than most saturated fats and it’s actually a very good type of fat to consume.

Why Coconut Oil Is So Good For You
The form of fat that’s found in coconut oil is referred to as medium chain triglycerides and is considered a top fat burning food.
This form of fat is used immediately as energy for the body, just like carbohydrates would be.  So for those who are utilising low carb diets, it’s a fat that can actually be a very powerful weapon and act in your favor.In addition to this, coconut oil can help to promote a healthier heart by improving your cholesterol levels, rather than raising it like other fats would do.
Finally, coconut oil can also help to enhance your overall level of immunity in the body, so that’s another key benefit that it will provide.
Those who are using coconut oil in their diets will find that they recover faster from each workout session they complete and aren’t suffering from common colds nearly as often either.
How To Cook With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used as an easy replacement for other oils that you use during the cooking process and can be added into smoothies, used in stir-fry’s, used to prepare a sauce, or added into your baking recipes as well for a special treat that offers a unique taste.
Coconut oil will help to add moisture to your dishes, making them flavorful and satisfying

Coconut oil has multiple benefits ranging from improving body composition to boosting immunity and bone density. It has been used to nutritionally support HIV, cancer, and diabetes patients to name a few. Most of the health benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to lauric acid. It is converted to monolaurin which has been shown to help the body in dealing with multiple types of bacteria and viruses. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it is a valuable in nutritionally supporting IBS, and Crohn’s disease patients.

Because of its biochemical make-up, coconut oil supports weight loss efforts, as it supports the thyroid, and takes a load of the pancreas.
Coconut Oil at High Temperatures
Cook with and eat coconut oil – Coconut oil is saturated fat  so it can be heated to a very high temperature before it goes rancid. You can heat coconut oil up to 190 degrees where as olive oil can only be heated up to 163 degrees and a vegetable oil like sunflower oil is only good up to 100 degrees. When you pass these heat thresholds the oil will start to produce free radicals which do things like speed up aging and cause diseases.