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Day 1 & 2 Detox

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Welcome to Day 1&2


Hi it’s great to have you all on board for this 7/14/21/28 days. You have all of the shopping lists and I hope you have watched all of the instructional videos as they will help you so much in understanding exactly what you need to do.

Please take your measurements and photos and enter them into the group – THIS IS CRUCIAL TO MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS.


For Day 1 please choose any of the workouts on this page. For Day 2 choose between KSFL HIIT LITE for beginners and KSFL SUPER BURPEE Workout for more advanced participants. There are 5 workouts you can choose from on this page for all different levels choose the workouts that will challenge you.

Day 1 and Day 2 –  Nutrition Plan

Lot’s of nutrients today and tomorrow and ensure you eat plenty and only 3 meals per day no snacking as we are aiming to control your blood sugar levels and regulate hormones.

Food –  I wont be giving you meals you can choose your own meals from the shopping list today.


Monday and Tuesday  morning  instructions

1.As soon as you wake up perform tone of the workouts – choose the right one for your fitness levels

2. Eat Breakfast/Meal 1

This is to give you an idea

Meal 1

You must start your day with a protein rich breakfast e.g 3/4 egg omelet with spinach, peppers.

Meal 2
Meat or Fish with TONS of green veg as much as possible. Green veg is the key today.

Meal 3

Meat/Fish with tons of Greens as above

Minimum of 3 litres of bottled water

Herbal tea – Licorice tea is great until 3pm then switch to Tulsi tea would be perfect if you dont have use green teas but make sure it caffeine free (Licorice and Tulsi help manage Cortisol)

Typical Day for Rachel

Meal 1 – 4 Egg Omelette with spinach/courgettes/water cress/

Meal 2- Slow Cooker 4 Chicken Thighs with Spinach, Green Beans, Kale, Purple Sprouting Brocholli

Meal 3- Cod with Same Veggies as above

3 Litres of water.
Licorice Tea until 4pm then Tulsi Tea for evening

Bed by 10 – 1030pm


Eat PLENTY make sure you are full on your veggies.
Dress your Veggies with Balsamic and Virgin Olive Oil.

Cook with coconut oil.


1. Start the day with a protein rich breakfast

2. Only eat 3 meals – no snacking

3.Eat as much green veggies as you can.

4.Vary your meals and food choices through the week.

5.Perform your workout as soon as you get up.

6.Follow each days instructions to the letter and you r results will be phenomenal

7.Bed by 10/1030pm

8.Drink as much water as possible to aim detoxification.



There is a whole selection of workouts here for you to choose from so have a browse and see which one is right for your level of fitness at this point!

Super Burpee Workout


KSFL HIIT LITE WORKOUT for KSFL’ers who have any joint problems or are just starting out