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rachelWELCOME to the Kick Start ELIMINATION Plan



As you have now attended your first KSFL Club Class you now have weekly access to this website and also a Facebook group to support and motivate you every step of the way.

I recommend you try one of my 10 minute workouts as often as possible, in fact every day would be amazing and really help you gain the best results. Performing the workouts will help you achieve your goals in the minimum amount of time. Remember work at your own pace and make sure you do some jogging on the spot or skipping to warm up before you begin.

All of the videos will load using a phone/ipad/lap top or desk top. If you get a fragmented playback it usually means your broadband or wifi is now fast enough at that time. Please try again at another time.

Please watch all of the videos below as they will help you to understand exactly how KSFL Works and if you can do the daily workouts they will speed up your fatloss and results.

Plus check out your Instructors website for Recipe and meal planning ideas plus the main Kickstartfatloss.net website where I post daily blogs and videos.

There is plenty of inspiration for you on all of our channels.

Are you having technical problems? Contact [email protected]

Here we go let’s get started!

Helpful Videos





Workout 1 is the Fitness Test.

This is great workout for you to do and record your score. You can do this test every 7 days and by recording your scores track the progress you have made. Make sure you record your scores in your KSFL Handbook and repeat every week. This will be tough but it will give you a great indication on your fitness levels as you progress through KSFL every week.

Ensure you warm up thoroughly before embarking on any of these workouts.



KSFL HIIT LITE Workouts – Aimed at beginners and those new to KSFL HIIT Training

Cardio and Fatburning Workouts

Body Conditioning HIIT Workouts


I love to hear from you!

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