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Intermittent Fast Friday and Saturday

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Fitness Pilates Workout

Heres a bonus workout if you fancy getting super sweaty


PLEASE LISTEN to the audio, its vital for all of these instructions and read everything on the page.


1. Upon rising perform workouts.

3. Intermittent fast  for 17 hours from Thursday

4. 2 Protein rich meals spaced out however you like add in some starchy carbs if you need them

5. Bed by 1030pm – Be strict on this if you can

an fried salmon in chillie . King prawns & avacado . Huge baby spinach salad tuna, red onion, pepper, chillies and jalapeño pepper Salmon and Egg Simple KSFL Lunchtime Ideas grilled lamb, stir fried veg in chillie . Pine nuts n spinach Avacado, prawns & 1 slice of bacon fried off in coconut oil with the avacado Grilled aunergines, baby spinach ( a little balsamic mmmmm)) scrambled eggs with salmon and chilli Nice & simple spinach and scrambled eggs x 4) Chillie stir fry beef courgettes peppers .with tons of baby spinach today

What is an Intermittent Fast

Before you all scream I cant fast! I cant go without food you will not believe how amazing you will feel after this. Your mind becomes focussed and sharp and you feel fantastic.

There is lots of research around regarding the benefits of fasting and giving your digestive system a rest. Your energy levels will soar after this so go for it and give it a try.

I’ve got to be honest with you – I’ve tried everything to lose the extra pounds and THIS is what has done it for me. I cant tell you how much this has helped my diet also my mental focus. I feel so differently about food now,

I don’t HAVE to keep eating every 3 hours like I did before. I plan my days food and fasting days and it WORKS so give it everything you have.

This weekend at the Fitpro convention all of the top fatloss and nutritionist presented research on fasting and eating less meals in the day. The old way of eating and snacking your way through the day is becoming outdating as we gain so much more data and information on metabolism.

If you eat less meals in 1 day this does not affect your metabolic rate at all.

How do we do an IM (Intermittent Fast)

We are trying to fast for 17 hours so if your last evening meal on Day 2 was 9pm you fast untill 2pm. If its 8 you fast until 1pm etc.

So after your evening meal tonight you fast until then.

You will only be eating Greens, Proteins and Fats today no fruit or root veg.

Break the fast with a Greens drink if you are using it then eat 10minutes later.
Only consume Bottled Water and Herbal teas no other supplements are required today.
Dont have a protein shake after training or starchy carbs.
As soon as you rise drink a pint of water.
Do Workout.
Once you break the fast take your supplements as normal.

Ideas for Lunch ( Fast Breaking Meal)

Chicken with Tons of Salad and Veg
Fish with Tons of Salad and Veg

Snack 3 hours later if hungry

Protein Shake


Protein rich with tons of Veg and Greens.

You will be amazed how fantastic you feel!

Fasting Information

Why do I have more energy when I’m fasting

2 Main Reasons
1-    you’re not on a blood sugar ‘roller coaster’ as you aren’t wolfing food down every 2,3,4 5 hours.
2-Your digestive systems is also one of the biggest ‘users of energy’ in the body, so with that ‘resting’ your body’s energy will be much higher

Dont surround yourself with food.
You will of missed meals in the past due to be being busy. Its really no biggy.
You need tons of water which will speed up fat loss and detoxification.
Plan your lunch and evening meal and make it look great and appertising
5. Stay positive and think “Im giving this 100%”
Theres a many, many, scientific studies that link fasting to positive health benefits including the possibility of living longer.  If you want to read the science behind this then have a read of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat or check out his videos on youtube. Its very interesting and as a Fitpros we need to explore these things.
Its only till 1 or 2pm YOU CAN DO THIS