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Fasting Day

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Welcome to DAY 3!



Daily Protocols

1.Upon rising perform 2 of your choice of workouts

2.Cold Shower if you can – Take a cold shower and let the water hit the back of your neck and upper back for 30seconds as research shows this can help break down fat

3.Intermittent Fast for 17 – 22 hours from when you last ate

4. 2 x small protein rich meals – add in starchy carbs to meal 1 if necessary. Starchy carbs are good carbs such as brown rice, sweet potato, parsnips, berries, banana

5.perform 1 workout

6.Bed by 1030am


Good Quality and Quantity of  Sleep for Maximum Fat Loss

Make it a habit to go to bed at the same time nightly and you’ll have a better body composition. Adequate sleep duration is linked to less belly fat both visceral and subcutaneous and overall body composition. It is also essential not to vary the amounts of sleep you get from day-to-day catching by up on sleep at the weekends or other days. Focus on getting the same amount of sleep every night.

Sleep deprivation, even for a night or 2 will affect the body’s natural ability to maintain homo-stasis. This leads to altered stress hormone levels that hinder rest and recovery. Longer periods of sleep deprivation or unbalanced sleep all further the body’s ability to regulate hormones that deal with stress.

This will lead to elevate the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to fat gain and poor body composition.

Things you can do to ensure you get adequate sleep a good night sleep.

1. Go to bed at the same time every night. Make it a priority and stick to it even if you don’t feel tired.

2. The hour before you go to bed set aside time to do things that relax you. For example reading, meditating or my personal favorite filling out a journal of what you are grateful for that day, can all be helpful to calm your mind to get your body ready for sleep.

3. Switch off your mobile phone or turn it to airplane mode. Turn of computers, screens, standby on TVs at least 30 min before you go to bed.

4. Write your to do list for the following day before you go to sleep, so your brain will work on things to do the following day.

5. Stay away from grains and refined sugar snacks before bed.  The reason why they ruin sleep is they raise blood sugar, and create a reactive hypoglycaemia that awakens you and makes it impossible to fall asleep again. Eating refined sugar snacks before bed is the main cause why women wake up before 1 AM, refined grains often contain allergens such as gluten which cause the body to make cortisol which will awaken you in the night will stop you getting back to sleep.

Sleep in a Batcave. You should sleep in complete darkness or as close as possible. Even the tiniest bit of light in the room can mess up your sleep quality.

7 . Stretch in the evening. Static stretching every evening is an excellent way to bring down an overly excited nervous system. This will this will also help relax you and prepare you for a good sleep.

It is crucial to your fat loss success to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Don’t underestimate the power of the quality and quantity of your sleep for your fax loss goals.

Hope that helps you have sweet dreams.

Rachel Holmes


Super Core Workout – Periscope Revolution Workout from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

OLDSKOOL Aerobics HIIT Workout from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

Fitness Pilates Workout Floorwork with the mini ball from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.