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KSFL Police Detox Week 1

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Week 1 Online Kick Start Fat Loss Support – Scroll Down for Day by Day Instructions

Please read all of the Preparation documents and download the shopping list. There is also a list for Veggies and Pescaterians.

I recommend you try one of my 10 minute workouts as often as possible, in fact every day would be amazing and really help you gain the best results. Performing the workouts will help you achieve your goals in  the minimum amount of time. Remember work at your own pace and make sure you do some jogging on the spot or skipping to warm up before you begin.

All the video will load using a phone/ipad/lap top or desk top. If you get a fragmented playback it usually means your broadband or wifi is now fast enough at that time. Please try again at another time.

Please watch all of the videos below as they will help you to understand exactly how KSFL Works and if you can do the daily workouts they will speed up your fatloss and results.

Food Week 1

1.You will be eating only 3 meals per day with no snacking at all – This will help you balance your blood sugars. You can eat large meals as long as they are only made up of foods from the shopping list.

2.You must start your day with a Protein rich breakfast – no cereals or fruits during the detox.

3.Aim to do one of the 10minute workout every day – set your alarm 15minutes early and jump up and do it! Have a look through all of the workouts here and choose the right ones for your fitness level.

4.Plan your food in advance so if you are working shifts you can take in food you have preprepared.

There is tons of inspiration for you on all of our channels.



Workout 1 is the Fitness Test.

This is great workout for you to do and record your score. You can do this test every 7 days and by recording your scores track the progress you have made. Make sure you record your scores in your KSFL Handbook and repeat every week. This will be tough but it will give you a great indication on your fitness levels as you progress through KSFL every week.

Ensure you warm up thoroughly before embarking on any of these workouts.

KSFL Warm up Ideas LITE


KSFL HIIT LITE Workouts – Aimed at beginners and those new to KSFL HIIT Training


KSFL HIIT Lite Workout





Here is Workout 2

Make sure you warm up before embarking on the workouts and cooling down.

This is a full body workout similar to the style of workout we do in class.


Workout 3 Fitness Pilates – This is perfect if you fancy a slower workout that concentrates on your core and posture muscles.

Here is a much slower paced Fitness Pilates workout designed to work on your core strength and improve your posture.




Meal Planners and Recipe Ideas

Beg, Borrow, Buy or Steel a Slow Cooker. Slow Cookers are KSFL’ers best friend and will help you plan and prepare your KSFL Meals.

Meal Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

Omelet with spinach, with mushrooms, with

Omelet with veggies

Vegetable Stir Fry

Click here for meal ideas from Martina Maghill who is the KSFL Instructor in Manchester


DAY 1/2/3/4 Instructions

Day 1 and Day 2 –  Nutrition Plan

Lots of nutrients today and tomorrow and ensure you eat plenty and only 3 meals per day no snacking as we are aiming to control your blood sugar levels and regulate hormones.

Food –  I wont be giving you meals you can choose your own meals from the shopping list today.


1.As soon as you wake up perform tone of the workouts – choose the right one for your fitness levels

2. Eat Breakfast/Meal 1

This is to give you an idea

Meal 1

You must start your day with a protein rich breakfast e.g 3/4 egg omelet with spinach, peppers.

Meal 2
Meat or Fish with TONS of green veg as much as possible. Green veg is the key today.

Meal/Feed 3

Meat/Fish with tons of Greens as above

Minimum of 3 litres of bottled water

Herbal tea – Licorice tea is great until 3pm then switch to Tulsi tea would be perfect if you dont have use green teas but make sure it caffeine free (Licorice and Tulsi help manage Cortisol)

Typical Day for Rachel

Meal 1 – 4 Egg Omelette with spinach/courgettes/water cress/

Meal 2- Slow Cooker 4 Chicken Thighs with Spinach, Green Beans, Kale, Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Meal 3- Cod with Same Veggies as above

3 Litres of water.
Licorice Tea until 4pm then Tulsi Tea for evening

Bed by 10 – 1030pm


Eat PLENTY make sure you are full on your veggies.
Dress your Veggies with Balsamic and Virgin Olive Oil.


1. Start the day with a protein rich breakfast

2. Only eat 3 meals – no snacking

3.Eat as much green veggies as you can.

4.Vary your meals and food choices through the week.

5.Perform your workout as soon as you get up.

6.Follow each days instructions to the letter and you r results will be phenomenal

7.Bed by 10/1030pm

8.Drink as much water as possible to aim detoxification.


Q and A with Rachel Holmes


Make sure you get your meat from your local Butcher.

This is a great video showing you the difference between Super Market Meat and Local Meat from the Butcher

Make your own Chicken Nuggets for your Children