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KSFL Police Detox Week 3

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You are able to now include a cheat meal in week 3 but remember you may  experience bloating, feeling sick and your mood may become low. You don’t have to have a cheat meal and continue eating 3 protein rich meals with lots of good veggie carbs. Ensure you are drinking tons of clear clean bottled water and use your slow cooker for preparing your KSFL meals.

For your best possible results:

1. Stick to the detox for 28 days. Follow the simple KSFL detox plan of 3 meals per day choosing foods from the shopping list, these foods are THE best foods to regulate your blood sugar and regulate the production of the fat storing hormone insulin.

2.If a full 28 day detox is difficult ensure you do a minimum 14 day detox. On week 3 add a cheat meal, but only a cheat meal. Then resume KSFL and repeat for week 4.

KSFL aims to empower you with all of the latest fatloss and fitness research and advice and we hope you will continue with us following the KSFL weekly with your leader.

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