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14 Day Summer Body Project

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14 Day Summer Body Project


Are you looking to offer a 14 day Summer Body Project programme starting after the Bank Holiday?

I have created a 14 day Programme you can template and recreate your own version

The 14 Day Summer Body Project Contains:

  • 14 Recipes of the Day to use as a daily recipe.
  • Summer Body Project Branded Shopping List.
  • 14 workouts plus 15 minute Ab Express Workouts.

Nutrition & Healthy Tips Videos:

Video 1 Nutrition Prep 1 

2: Food Behaviours & Food Cravings 

3: Big Rocks of Health

4: Calorie Deficit and tracking v Non Tracking

5: Healthy Tips For Weightloss

6: Holistic Health Tips 

7: Meno Munchies

8: Vital Vitamins 

9: Why are vitamin D and Calcium so important 

10: Sugar Shockers

11: How Much Sugar Are You Eating 

12: Wellness Tips

13: Top 6 Super Foods

14:Tips To Improve Gut Health


The FIT in 15 Workout 

 Kettlebell Strength Fusion 

The Giza Cardio Power Workout 

Focus Strength & Conditioning 

COCKTAIL Mix Workout 

 Barre, Ball & Balance30 – 45 minute Masterclasses

All using Pure Energy Go music

Garage HIIT Totally Tone

Accelerate 906030

 Slow Strength

Power Balls & Bands

 Strength Session

 1 Weight Wonder Mind Body Conditioning 1

PLUS BONUS 5 x 15 minute Express Abs & Core Workouts.



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