ELEVATE 2019 High Performance Weight loss and Wellness

ELEVATE 2019 High Performance Weight loss and Wellness



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Starting MONDAY 7TH JANUARY 2019

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High-Performance Living – Daily Coaching with Rachel – Working On Your Goals every day – Choice of 3 daily workouts – Mindset coaching and motivation – Powerful Motivation every single day.

Excel in ALL areas of your life – Improve your health – energy – vitality – productivity – body – sleep – emotional health, physical health, intellectual health.  ELEVATE your Mind and Body.

Product Description


Elevate is a game changer. It’s not a quick fix or a short-term solution but a way to eat healthily, lose weight, optimise your fitness levels, change your body composition and improve your mental cognition.


Learn the principles of eating for weight loss, health and wellness but still enjoying a social life, going out, eating in restaurants and not feeling deprived, hungry or shame around food.


YOU really can with the Elevate Personalised Nutrition and Health Plan created by Rachel Holmes.


2018 has been a phenomenal year for the Elevate Programme with 100’s of women working with me personally online from all around the world and Kick Start Coaches in the UK.

UK LIFT LEAN with the 5:2 Diet has worked so well for so many people. It has literally been a game changer and is the unlock to great results physically and mentally.

I teach you how to eat healthily and lose weight in the week, work on your daily habits and non-negotiables, mindset and motivation; which gives you wiggle room at the weekend to enjoy additional food and drink without sabotaging your efforts, your progress, health or goals.


What Makes Elevate Different And Why Does It Work So Well?

• Daily coaching in the Facebook group keeps you on track and I can serve you in a much more personal way, answering your questions and providing you with the best support and motivation. I can personalise things for you and make this fit into your lifestyle

• 100% Of Elevate Members all said the DAILY LIVE coaching is what keeps them motivated, on track and excited about the results they are seeing.

• Daily HOME workouts – I have found the sweet spot of a 7 minute workout using minimal equipment (that can be repeated if necessary for a longer 14 minute workout) plus a daily bonus workout is the perfect way to get phenomenal mental and physical results.

• I have so many videos that if you need lower options or alternatives I can make sure you are catered for.

• Daily nutritional video explaining what to eat, how to eat, how to fit it into a busy lifestyle, have a social life and work it in with family life. This is KEY to long term success and sustainability.

• Plus meal plans, cooking ideas, juicing, vegetarian and pescatarian options.




So much has changed in nutrition since I began Kick Start and I am constantly researching the best practices and evidence-based information delivered to you in an easy to follow and highly supportive way.

The complete programme is 14 weeks taking you right up to Easter. Each programme has a different theme and focus.

You will be experiencing all of the different nutritional protocols and working out which one suits you personally.

*Carb cycling
*Calorie counting
*Intermittent fasting

It is all about understanding which one suits you and makes you THRIVE.

Every week will begin with:

• Weight, measure and stats.
• Goal setting and expectations for the week.
• Big picture thinking, health and wellbeing goals.
• Real-world weight loss goals and obtainable results.
• Plan for the week.

• Workout scheduling.
• Your weekly social overview – Have you got social functions that week that we can factor in and help you with so you don’t sabotage your results?


The Elevate 2019 Programme Timetable



January 4 week Programme starting Monday 7th January

Group Opens 1st January for Prep.

Week 1 Detox and De-bloat – Rapid Fat loss Protocol for 14 days.

Focus on food quality, reducing inflammation and bloating, weight loss and  improving fitness and vitality levels.

7 x Full Body Focus Workouts 10 – 20 minutes


Week 2 Weight loss and Wellness

Focus on increased weight loss, stress reduction, hormone balance and sleep.

7 x HIIT Lift Lean


Week 3 Midsection Meltdown 2019

Focus on midsection, gut health, digestion, midsection weight gain.

7 x New Mid Section Workouts PLUS Bonus HIIT and Lift lean Workout.


Week 4 Personalised Nutrition for Weight loss and Wellness.

Focus: Weight loss, Food Behaviours, Emotional, Stress Eating and Boredom Eating.

Creating your personal nutrition plan for the week. How to fit in a healthy nutrition plan with you lifestyle, family commitments, work, travel and social life and still lose weight and thrive.





Focus: Shape Change, Increased Strength, Flexibility, Definition, Tone and Cardiovascular Fitness.

Nutrition 5:2 Eating for balance, weight loss and health.

February is the month to build on your results from January; staying on track and highly motivated with daily coaching and new workouts. 

February sees you getting into your groove, solidifying your daily habits and goals; begin to see life changing results.

Eating well 5 days a week allowing for a relaxed approach at the weekend and still seeing results.


Week 1 and 2  Lift Lean Transformation with 5:2 Plan  

14 x new Lift Lean Workouts with weights, kettle bells Working on Full Body Shape Change, Muscle Definition

and Body Toning.



Week 3 

Lower Body, Core and Ab Workouts.


Week 4

Upper Body, Abs and Core workouts.

Plus mix and match workouts including Fitness Pilates and Fitness Yoga.


MARCH SUPERCHARGE SPRING SPRINTER- New Protocol and Workouts for 2019

Taking you right up to Easter!

6 Week Programme

Supercharge Spring Sprinter is where you see and feel radical changes and transformation.

January and February is all about getting your fitness levels up, improving your body composition and nutritional habits in place and losing weight.

March into April is where we really supercharge your results and this is where we take your health, wellness and weight loss goals to the next level.

Each week will be an optional challenge to keep you motivated and excited plus a choice of 3 daily workouts for all levels and goals.


Begins Monday 4th March to Thursday 18th April.

Week 1 Accelerated Detox

7 x Accelerator Workouts.


Week 2 Health and Hormones Sprinter

Mindset and Motivation Staying On Track and On Target.


Week 3 Lift Lean 5:2

The most popular workout and weight loss programme to date.


Week 4 Supercharge Nutrition Focus


Week 5 Healthy Balance


Week 6 Final Push Super Sprinter

The final 7 days to achieve optimum health, vitality and weight loss.



14 weeks of Daily Coaching, Daily Workouts,  Weekly Nutrition and Diet.


VIP CLUB £147.00



Additional Information

Programme Type

Full VIP 3 Month Membership, September 28 Day Programme, October 28 Day Programme, November 28 Day Programme

6 reviews for ELEVATE 2019 High Performance Weight loss and Wellness

  1. :

    Well, I don’t really know where to begin. I have had the most amazing 3 months being part of this incredible, supportive group of ladies & I feel quite emotional that this phase is coming to an end!
    I have completed many of Rachels programmes & can honestly say that Elevate has, by a country mile been the best.
    Over the last 12 weeks I have learnt many things, the biggest for me being the realisation that I do not have to be an ‘all or nothing’ person. I can have foods that before would have filled me with guilt, knowing that I am in complete control.
    I started this programme with weight and inch loss being top of my agenda, but can hand on heart say that whilst that is still a driving factor for me, it’s no longer my main focus.
    I feel more energised, focused & full of self worth. I have had a total mindset shift & now have a healthy relationship with food.
    I simply cannot recommend this way of life enough.
    So, I am absolutely elated to report that I have lost 17lbs and 7inches during the course of this particular programme. Since I started following Rachel and the KSFL lifestyle, a total of 30lbs. It’s not always been easy and the weight has gone up as well as down, but that is life and you have to embrace every single day.
    Firstly, thank you to each & every one of you for your lovely words of encouragement, support & the complete positivity that radiates from this group.
    Secondly Lauren, thank you for all of your background support, posting recipes and answering questions.
    Last but by no means least, the amazing Rachel Holmes a massive thank you for all of your commitment, dedication & hard work, without which all of this would not be possible. I cannot end this post without also mentioning the totally cute Logan, who has quite often brightened my day with his gorgeous little face appearing on screen!
    I would like to wish you all a Christmas filled with love, laughter & happiness followed by a healthy & happy new year.
    I’ve paid my dues for part 2 & really hope to see you all on the other side!! Roll on January 2019!! #teamelevate
    Love and big hugs to you all 😘❤️ xxxx Angie Pawson-Harris

  2. :

    Here we go from original programme with Rachel staring in July- 25.5lbs down and start of Elevate 15.5lbs down inch losses all over since start 27.2 biggest change –
    sleep now sleep all night and rarely broken.
    Mindset- massive no longer crave- i don’t deprive myself, and no longer ‘comfort’ eat
    Excersise- love it weights and body weights are my fave though pilates too!! Im much stronger in body and release tension and stress by exercise rather than food!!- and feel much better for it too!
    Emotionally I’m stronger too, i know my triggers and now have strategies in place when stress hits me.
    Rachel Holmes Thank-you, your programs are A class! You keep it real, and just ‘get it’ …. you give us the best advice- support and guidance –
    fellow elevators , Thankyou the support within this group has been inspiring as well as amazing!!
    Im sticking with it as much as i can through Dec, ive signed up for Jan, im still carrying a good dress size of excess weight, and but loving a new lifestyle, and have the knowledge and mindset to reign myself in even whilst enjoying a slice of cake!! Xx

  3. :

    Well lady elevators!! 💪🏻 thank you everyone for an amazing 12 weeks of posts, pics, encouragement, motivation, sweaty selfies. You are all fantastic and Rachel you are amazing for setting this programme up and keeping us all focused. I’m so pleased I reached my goal back at the end of October. Lost a stone and 6 inches that I never thought I’d do in a million years! I’ve now maintained for a month, don’t think I could have done it without you guys!! I’m going to try and stick with IF and 5:2 over next few weeks. See you all in January for the detox 😬😩🤪

  4. :

    Thank you elevate and especially Rachel, Lauren and the mighty Elevators
    Standing here feeling happy holding the weight I have lost ! Eight Kilos makes you realise how heavy it is!!
    Keeping going with I F and three meals with some Christmas wiggle room and booked on for 2019 !
    It’s been fantastic felt quite emotional this morning xxxxx
    Looking forward to more lift lean

  5. :

    I can’t believe my Elevate journey is over with you guys!!
    Thank you all for the support. I’ve had a blast we’ve shared highs and lows and the love has been fantastic!
    I now have a totally different mindset set in life! I believe more in myself, my confidence has grown it’s the best it’s been for years. Going through my divorce 4 yrs ago took its toll. I changed careers 2 yrs ago and have been newly promoted and I love my work life just need to get my social life back on track….losing weight and inches was my goal to start with but now I know it’s not all about these 2 areas it’s how we feel inside and I feel I radiate with happiness now. I’m in control of my life again.
    Rachel Holmes you are an absolute 🌟 you are a truly inspiring woman, mum and now a friend who I’ve enjoyed watching and listening too every day these past 3 months. I was first introduce to Kick Start a few years ago by my nephews wife Jill Chester who ran one of your franchises and can say it’s the only weight loss programmes that has worked for me!
    Good luck and thank you Elevators! X❤️X

  6. :

    I’ve put on 3lbs this week but it’s ok, not stressing at all. I know what and how to achieve weight goals and will pull it back again, probably when mum leaves (not going to get good home cooking ready for me after I’ve finished work,every day for ever – so taking full advantage lol).
    All in all I have lost weight and body fat, which was my aim, not as much as I could have but plenty all the same. I’ve really enjoyed the group- comments, pics, ups, downs and support. It has been solid. Rachel, you have been a rock, a consistent ball of energy, fun and positivity everyday. Love and thank you for that. The time difference has made it almost impossible to join the lives chats apart from Friday and some Saturday nights (nights where I don’t have to wake up early the next day) and that’s been a bit of a shame in terms of feeling part of one of the main aspects of the group. Everything else has been superb so I will definitely continue with this group after the official end, keep in touch with all of my new elevate buddies.

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