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5 Steps To get Back On Track

Hello Happy Monday NEW PODCAST If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to get on track with your nutrition, health and fitness I’ve recorded a 15 minute podcast on 5 simple steps you can kick of with this week  If you need a simple plan to get going again and where to start

NEW Podcast Episode with Kim Ingleby of Energised Performance Mind Body Coaching.

My conversation today is with Kim Ingleby of Energised Performance Mind Body Coaching.   Kim has built a very successful and interesting coaching business with celebrity clients and elite athletes. We talk about how to run a fitness business when you are experiencing personal issues behind the scenes, being authentic and true to yourself and

RACHEL HOLMES Solo Podcast Episode 3 -What is the latest on weightloss and nutrition?

With so much conflicting information on weightloss, food, fitness and diet, I chat about evidence based nutrition and how to take a long term and holistic approach to long lasting wellness. Taking a personilsed approach and working out an individualised programme that is managable and sustainable for your lifestyle is the key to long term