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Get Fitter At Home Quickly and Easily

Click above for the Lift Lean workout Hello! Happy Monday This week is GET FIT (FITTER) week so I’m sending you a couple of home workouts to try out. Do you struggle with fitting in exercise and getting to a class or the gym? Even with the best of intentions, you may simply run out of

What is Lift Lean from Creator Rachel Holmes

What is Lift Lean? Lift Lean is a time efficient weight training workout, Created by Rachel Holmes, set to timed music (by Pure Energy) designed to fit into the busiest of schedules. “I designed and trialled the concept in 2017 and have had amazing results with my clients. Strength training using weights, barbells, kettlebells and

What weights should I be lifting?

HOLD YOUR HORSES …Before ever trying to figure out how much weight you can lift, make sure you know how to do the movement, as flawless as possible, without any weight at all as to not cause any injury… then you can add in weights.   The second step? Picking the right weights. Here’s how to


All only  £5 + VAT + postage while stocks last     The Ultimate KSFL Fatburner Kettlebell Workout with Marvin Burton     £5 + VAT + Postage     The Ultimate KSFL Kettlebell Fatburner Workout will tone, shape and define the whole body & the HIIT intervals will blast body fat.   Incorporating 2 Progressive