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Get Fitter At Home Quickly and Easily

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Happy Monday

This week is GET FIT (FITTER) week so I’m sending you a couple of home workouts to try out.

Do you struggle with fitting in exercise and getting to a class or the gym?
Even with the best of intentions, you may simply run out of time in the day and you don’t get around to it.

My biggest tip is to set up space at home, get some basic equipment like weights, kettlebell, resistance band and make a commitment to get up 20 minutes earlier and get it done,

Why Early Morning?

It sets you up for the day.
You have done it.
You don’t have to keep thinking……..
“I’ve got to get to the gym……I’ve got to get to the gym”…. going round and round in your head giving you decision fatigue!


It SERIOUSLY helps with your self-esteem, self-confidence, and MENTAL HEALTH. It makes you feel happy, accomplished and positive.= for the rest of the day.


It SERIOUSLY helps manage stress. Stress erodes our health. It chips away doing all kinds of damage if we don’t deal with it.  Mental health, gut health, physical health and emotional health is all affected by stress.
Low level and High-level stress it all chips away.

Daily exercise is one of the best ways to deal with stress and just 15 – 20 minutes a day is fine as long as you push yourself.

Whatever is going on with your nutrition make fitness and a home workout part of your everyday wellness and see some wonderful benefits and changes.

What Weights Do You Need?
3kg – 6kg depending on your strength but you will progress really quickly so will need to go a little heavier as the weeks go by.

Kettlebell – 8kg for beginners 10/12kg Progressing and 16kg if you are really going for it.

Looped band – Buy from AMAZON….. in fact, you can get everything from Amazon and  Argos.

I’d love to hear if you do these workouts.

Have a great week.
Love Rachel x

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