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Steps to become an exercise addict

We all have those friends that NEVER miss a day at the gym and are always looking forward to their next 10km! Creating the drive to exercise can be so hard especially with a busy lifestyle, work and children BUT we are here to help 🙂     The good news is we can ALL be

Beat the winter blues with kick start

???Is your motivation dropping? The winter can be a tough time to stay motivated when you are feeling tired and craving carbs! Here are some quick tips to battle the blues:   1. Realistic Planning   Can you and will you prep all those meals on a sunday night or do you need to do

NEW YEAR NEW YOU How Long Will It Last?

NEW YEAR NEW YOU – HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? So you’ve indulged in roast dinners, snacks, choccies and feel like January is the best time to start the ‘new you’. You may have already started! Many people choose fad diets at this time of year as a QUICK FIX but let me tell you

Lift Lean Launches in Surrey January News

 Kick Start Lift Lean™ launched live in Warlingham, Surrey, with Lindsay Williams​ and special guest creator Rachel Holmes; it was a fantastic success with wonderful feedback from the 60 participants. What is Kick Start Lift Lean™ ? It is a strength training session for women with a specialised Kick Start Lifestyle Nutrition plan and daily

Is lifting weights good for women’s health?

Weight-lifting brings fantastic results and is hugely satisfying. It’s now becoming increasingly popular amongst women, but many still worry they will resemble body-builders! Gradually, times are changing and more women are trying resistance training with weights and never looking back! Our Lift Lean programme has been fantastic – seeing brilliant results and encouraging women to

Stay fit on holiday check list

Are you off on your jollies? Keep fit while you are there with our top holiday tips: EATING AND DIET Eat before the airport Pack healthy snacks Driving? Plan pit stops Visit local food markets Make your own meals   EXERCISE AND FITNESS Explore the area on foot/bike Always take the stairs Go on an

Summer Workout Motivation Top Tips

When it is warm outside and BBQ invitations are flooding in do you struggle to make time and get the motivation to workout in Summer? We have some top tips to get you back in the swing of things: Hop into a cold shower before a workout- this is proven to increase performance in the heat. If you

The importance of a good night’s sleep when trying to lose weight

How do you sleep?? Along with following the KSFL way of eating combined with HIIT workouts, enough sleep is a big rock ! Being sleep deprived can increase your appetite and encourage you to make worse decisions when it comes to your diet. Here are some of our top tips for better sleep: •Make sure

Kick Start Top Tips to Packed Lunch

Packing a Lunch Every Day is such a BORE sometimes!! SO… Packing a lunch every day, whether it’s just for you or for a whole family can be so tough, you need inspiration to keep it fun and easy recipes that take minimal time! Motivation is the first ingredient in packing a lunch, and keeping stocked up

Have You Eaten Too Much This Weekend? Don’t WORRY top tips to feel awesome

What a brilliant bank holiday… it’s just over so fast. What did you get up to? I spent lots of family time, farm visits, nature walks and pub lunches with a children’s party at a soft play thrown in for good measure Have you Eaten Lot’s and Enjoyed Amazing Food This Weekend? Who hasn’t… it’s