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Meet Kelly Reed-Banks KSFL mentor and Franchisee

Kelly Reed-Banks and Jay Banks have run KSFL Cambridge for the last 4 years. Kelly also now mentors new Franchisees to help them in their early stages of setting up their businesses. Jay recently won Personal Trainer of the Year at the International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool so together they offer a very bespoke package

Paula Thompson battled cancer and now supports others with health problems as a KSFL Franchisee

Paula Thompson has been with Kick Start Fat Loss since it first started in January 2013. Through personal experience in ill health and battling cancer she is a fantastic example to her team of how you can turn your life around through healthy eating and a positive attitude. Paula is relatable and easy to talk

Kelly Ravenscroft

Meet Kelly Ravenscroft who is one of our newest Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisees. Kelly launched her Sutton Coldfield club at the end of January 2016 with 50 people attending the launch night and signing up. Kelly’s clients are already seeing jaw dropping results. Not just in weight loss but major health improvements Kelly is